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Kiss Kiss Mine Kiss Kiss Me

KAT-TUN concert was totally amazing, but HUGE OMG. I never had any idea where to look, the screens or the juniors or KT themselves, so I won't actually see 4/5s of the concert until I get the DVD like everybody else XD

Kisumai and ABC were awesome though. Kisumai did a tiny bit of Goodbye Thank You with Fujigaya rapping, and then they sang Kis-My-Me-Mine on their skates. LOVE. ABC did a lot of the narration throughout the concert, mostly Kawai and Tottsu, and they sang STAR SEEKER during their solo, which was awesome like usual. They were hilarious when the boats were going by, flailing all over themselves over the sides.

All the solos were terrific, especially Ueda's, not because it's my favorite song or anything, just that I was so impressed with how Ueda sounds these days, especially live. And Jin did indeed sing without a mic after his solo, but people were too loud to hear it all.

On the downside, apparently Visa is throwing some ridiculous fit in the states about my credit card, despite the fact that I called them before I left to tell them exactly what I was doing. Assuming that I do manage to make a phone work in Japan, which is a big if, rest assured that whoever I get on the other hand is going to be much less happy than I am right now, and that's not very happy.
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