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No, I Think We Can Make It

Many of you who are not new to mousie's life know that i have a loser friend from high school who lives in a trailer with her three kids, and whose phone calls I do not answer particularly often.

And here is why.

Today, she called to tell me that her soon-to-be-ex-husband called in the restraining order he has against her for harrassing him on the phone, and that she's at the police station with her mother, and to ask if i can pick her kids up from daycare if she's there too late to do so.

About ten minutes after that, she calls back and asks if I can run some cigarettes down. I say, yeah, whatever, why not, and off I go.

When i get there, she's actually got to processing finally, so I sit with her mother while she's in the back, because i've known her mother my entire life and honestly I feel pretty bad for her given how her spawn has turned out. Eventually an officer comes out and says they're taking her to the judge, and we can follow him, so we do, and I sit with her mom some more, and then finally we all get out at about 4:30.

So then she asks if I'll come with her to get the kids, in case the father shows up i guess, so I go along. It's on the other side of the river from me though, so it's kind of a drive. She has no gas, but she frequently drives on fumes, and whatever thing.

We make it the whole way there, and almost the whole way back, but then on the highway about five minutes from home, having gone about 30 miles on fumes, the car finally gives in, and we coast over to the shoulder amidst honking and swearing and everything.

And then we sit there for a half-hour until AAA sends somebody to give her like a gallon of gas so that she can go to a gas station (which she doesn't because she's broke which is sort of the point, so she drives to her parents' house to get some money from them, which is where my car is anyway).

and so now I am making dinner finally at 9 pm. whee.
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