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If This Is What The School Anxiety Dreams Will Be Like This Year, I Refuse

Let me preface all of this by saying that I virtually never remember what i dream and when I do, it's all nightmares. FOR INSTANCE LIKE THESE:

1. At about 6am, I woke up from a screaming nightmare in which snowqueenofhoth had taken me to a restaurant in Japan and the employees ended up trying to kill us, I think because we came in right at closing time. IDK.

2. Then I had a dream that I was at the HSJ concert, which was at the Osaka Dome, but it was really underpopulated, so we decided to move up into closer seats, and I ended up sitting in between Yuto and Chinen. Chinen eventually realized that I was not one of his bandmates and we had one of my usual Japanese fail conversations (turns out, btw, that Chinen collects My Little Ponies). When the concert ended, Chinen got up to leave, and I realized that he'd left his bag, so I ran out to the lobby to catch up to him.

Just in time to realize that somebody was trying to assassinate Chinen, and then leapt in front of him at the last second, and I woke up in a panic again, having just been shot. THAT'S RIGHT I TOOK A BULLET FOR CHINEN. MY JR LOVE IS PURE.

3. There was a last one that had to do with a haunted house, secret government meetings, Koyama being stuck in an elevator, and a guy's nose behing melted off his face.

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