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Title: Typical Day at the Angel Grove Juice Bar [Tommy/Kimberly]
Rating/Warnings: thankfully, in the 6th grade I only wrote G.
Summary: Tommy has something important to say.
AN: somehow ginzarhapsody and I got to talking about Power Rangers being an old fandom of hers, and I said "I can top that, I used to write Green ranger/Pink ranger" and then I went in the closet and found the correct notebook in about ten seconds. Aside from my lack of belief in the hard return, it sounds...pretty much exactly like I sound now.

So here you go. I seriously think I wrote this in 1994. And I want to also say that in the front of this notebook there is a disclaimer that I write mainly about television, I complain about being jossed (although I obviously don't call it that in 1994), and then I list my fandoms as "X-men, Lois & Clark, Aladdin, Biker Mice from Mars, and Power Rangers."

Typical Day at the Angel Grove Juice Bar

Typical day at the Angel Grove Juice Bar: Jason & Zack practicing karate, Trini & Billy talking at the bar, Kimberly on the balance beam.

Tommy comes in. He surveys the scene from near the end of the balance beam. Trini & Billy wave. Zack looks up and shouts, "Hi, Tommy!" allowing Jason to get a hit in.

"Ow!" says Zack, crashing to the floor.

"Sorry, man," says Jason. "Hey, Tommy!"

Tommy waves. He looks around trying to find Kimberly. At that moment, Kimberly trips in the middle of a flip and flies thorugh the air.


Tommy looks up and at the last second catches her.

"Thanks," says Kimberly, more than a little shaken.

"Are you all right?" asks Tommy.

Kimberly looks up. "Tommy! Uh, yeah, fine," she says, blushing. Tommy puts her down.

"Good, because I wanted to talk to you." Kimberly looks at him and he smiles.

He takes her hand and they walk over to the juice bar. They say hi to Trini & Billy. Billy says something immensely confusing and they both look at Trini.

"He said 'nice catch.'"

Tommy and Kimberly look at each other and burst out laughing. They sit down together.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Well, I just...I wanted to know if..."


"Oh to heck with it! Kim, will you go steady with me?"

Kimberly's face lights up. "Do you have to ask?! Of course!" Kimberly leans over to hug him and he smiles, relivied [sic].

"Wow. I didn't think you'd even think about it seriously."

Kimberly pulls back and looks at him. "You certainly don't know me very well, do you?"

He pulls her close and says, "Let's hope that changes."

a few further notes: I want to point out that the only typo in this whole handwritten thing was "relivied" and that I totally knew how to render quotes inside of quotes. And how to use and spell the word 'immensely.' And that apparently my preferred pairings were Tommy/Kimberly, Trini/Billy, and Zack/Jason. You can tell, because they get the ampersand when I introduce them.

Also, "oh to heck with it!" made me snort out loud.
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