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Oh Technology

interesting thing of the day: turns out I can see copies of my cashed checks right online! Which is awesome, cause my apt complex thinks i didn't pay them this month. ahahahahaha no.

also, bloodybrilliant's post yesterday about scrubbing floors made me guiltily admit that I had been thinking the same thing. so today at Target along with the new bookcase for the dvds (oh god, i'd need like ten of them and it still would effect nothing), i bought a scrubbrush and some...cleansing liquid. it claims to be made of plants, idk.

TOP3 comm!~ top_3top_3top_3 go join! Now that snowqueenofhoth's fic is finished that I owed her for mailing me Summary stuff (DEAR MAIL, HURRY UP), I will be writing something cute for the comm. Jemz and Beth and Shabz, you have to check another one now, ahahahahaha. Remember when you were like "do i haaaave to check the hsj comms, noooo" and i said YES you had to? THIS WILL BE LIKe THAT.

Also, for those of you who maybe didn't know, yesterday was anjenue's birthday. I wanted to wait a day to say, since I know there's people on my flist who were much closer to Anj. I was thinking of her, since I was coincidentally going through all those old posts, and I was glad to see her name on hp100 and the Smutmas lists and all that, and to reread some of the thoughtful and sweet comments she left me so casually over the years. Happy Birthday, Anj. We miss you ♥
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