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Ants in the Pants?! THIS PARTY IS OVER

I just found an ant in my underwear. The worst part is, I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG HE WAS IN THERE D: D: D:

I'm totally psyched that ABC/Kisumai gets another couple concerts, and I'm not ready to panic yet about the whole ABC-Z thing. Not that Johnny hasn't done crazier things, I just feels like something cute to me. I just think it's a way to cash in further on Hasshi's popularity with concerts. In general, the name sort of feels like an "ABC+friendZ" sort of thing. You know, like "Johnny's Jrs A to Z!! ♥" So maybe it's just a way to get popular jrs like Shoon and Hasshi in concert with them.

Besides, I already wrote ABC+Shoon. It's practically canon.

In other news, re the hotness of Yabu in the Dream Boys stuff: MY BOYS. DON'T GROW UP YOU ARE BABIES NOOO. Why so hot and adult, Yabu? Damn you, Kame and Koki, for teaching my cute little juniors how to be smokin hot idols! THINK OF THE KOUHAI :'|
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