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Title: Going Out [Junta/Akito]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for JE duos.
Summary: Junta's grumpy. Akito demands presents.
AN: Akito's birthday, late. For snowqueenofhoth who badgered me relentlessly. Also, I started writing this before we found out for sure BAD wasn't coming back for the end of Summary, but I was too lazy to go back and rewrite it. Eh, w/e.

Going Out

Dancing on a sprain-fractured ankle wasn’t exactly a good time, nor were the crutches, nor was the feeling that Junta was letting everyone down by hurting himself at the worst possible time. For Junta, though, the worst thing by far was that he couldn’t keep up with Akito this way.

It wasn’t in Junta’s nature to be grumpy, usually. Knowing that, perversely, just made him more grumpy as he slumped further down into the practice room couch in a sulk and failed to ignore Takaki and Akito causing a ruckus at the other end of the dressing room with Yuto-kun.

“Do it again!” Takaki whooped, egging Yuto on. Junta refused to turn around, even when there was a burst of wild laughter.

“It does look just like Kame-kun!” Akito yelled in delight.

Just then, thank goodness for Junta’s sanity, the door creaked open and Yamada snapped that they were late, and the next time Takaki wanted to defect to another unit he should leave Yuto out of it.

“All right, we’re coming!” Takaki said. “Bye, Junta!”

“Bye,” Junta replied, trying to shove aside his irritation. It wasn’t Takaki’s fault he was hurt, or Akito’s, and Junta offered Akito a wan smile as Akito perched on the edge of the couch cushion and leaned in to inspect his face.

“You’re sulking again,” he said.

“I’m not!” Junta protested, but his shoulders loosened when Akito leaned in for a quick kiss to wipe the scowl off his face. “I can barely feel it.”

“Liar,” Akito said affectionately, then he turned the other way to prod gently at Junta’s ankle. Junta hissed a warning, and Akito slid his fingers down an inch or so to rub at the top of Junta’s foot.

“I’m fine,” Junta insisted, but he didn’t pull away from Akito’s touch. “So, about going out…”

“We aren’t,” Akito interrupted. “I told you we aren’t.”

Junta furrowed his brow. “But Takaki said he and Kitayama had plans.”

“Oh, well,” Akito’s hand stilled on Junta’s foot, but he didn’t turn around to face Junta. “They planned something, I guess. But you should be resting!”

“I’m fine!” Junta kicked Akito’s hand off, gritting his teeth. “It’s your birthday, and we’re obviously doing something, and…” Junta paused, looking at Akito’s posture. “You don’t want me to go.”

“No, I don’t,” Akito admitted, which stung worse than anything Junta’d ever done to any body part, especially when Akito turned around but still wouldn’t meet Junta’s eyes.

“Oh.” Junta couldn’t think of anything else to say, so he sat up and scooted to the end of the couch, then swung himself off it and limped to pick up his bag with as much dignity as he could muster.

“Junta—“ Akito started, standing up as well, but Junta cut him off.

“It’s fine,” he said icily. “I’m heading back.” And then he got a crutch under his arm, ignoring the dull ache in his shoulders, and headed out the door and down the hallway as quickly as he could go.

Takaki, Yuto, and Yamada hadn’t gotten that far down the hall, and they stepped aside to let Junta trudge past with a grunted goodbye. Junta could hear Akito’s footsteps thudding down the hallway, but they stopped when they reached the group of the others, and Junta didn’t even bother looking back.

Akito should go out on his birthday, he tried to tell himself, swallowing the lump in his throat. His crutches got in the way of everything fun, and he’d been cranky all day, and he’d only bring everybody else down, so it really was best that he just went back to the hotel alone, and let Akito have fun like he wanted.

Junta nearly jumped out of his skin when a hand clapped down on his shoulder.

“I just want you to rest is all,” Akito exclaimed, hand tightening on Junta’s shoulder until he was forced to stop. “You can’t seriously think I wouldn’t want to go out with you!”

A gaggle of tiny Kantou juniors trotting down the hall gave Junta some very wide eyes on the way by, and Junta gritted his teeth at Akito’s word choice.

“Anyway, let’s go,” Akito said, tugging one of Junta’s crutches out of his hands so that Akito could take Junta’s bag off his shoulder, then replacing the crutch, all before Junta barely had a chance to flail. “I call the bath first.”

“But,” Junta had no choice but to follow, frowning, “you’re going out. Aren’t you?”

“I keep telling you, no!” Akito said in exasperation, but when he looked over at Junta he was smiling. “Takaki and Kitayama made some plans, and they might still be going, but I said I didn’t want to go out until you felt better and everybody wasn’t so worn out.”

“That’ll be never, you know,” Junta pointed out, the knot in his chest loosening as they reached the exit.

“It’s really only the first part I care about anyway,” Akito replied, holding open the door for Junta.

Back at the hotel, Akito really did claim first bath as his birthday right, and when he came out, he sent Junta in under strict orders to soak until he was in a good mood.

“I’m in a better mood now!” Junta protested.

“Can’t hear you~!” Akito responded, then shoved Junta into the bathroom and yanked the door shut.

When he finally did come out, limp far less pronounced, Junta found Akito hadn’t bothered to get even minimally dressed, and was lying on his stomach on his bed, kicking his feet and flipping channels on the small television at a rate that made Junta’s eyes cross.

Junta bent down to reach into his bag, and pulled out a small, wrapped box. He tossed it onto the bed in front of Akito. “That’s for you.”

Akito barely even noticed it, instead turning his head to looking Junta up and down. “That for me too?”

Letting go of the wall to take a few cautious steps towards Akito’s bed, Junta shrugged. “I’m damaged goods. Wouldn’t make much of a birthday present.”

“That’s fine.” Akito pushed himself up to a sitting position, and Junta noted that Akito was more than a little interested already. Akito’s grin was sharp. “I like my presents already broken in. Just don’t tell my partner.” Akito winked. “He’s been kind of sensitive lately.”

“You are so getting fucked for that,” Junta informed Akito seriously, just before Akito pulled him down onto the bed and kissed him. Junta settled on Akito’s chest willingly, getting both hands in Akito’s hair and moaning into his mouth when Akito dug fingers into the stiff muscles of Junta’s shoulders and back.

Junta gave up on the kiss and let his head fall on Akito’s shoulder as Akito got serious about the massage. He winced when Akito got near his shoulders, the muscles that were taking all the abuse from the crutches, but Akito didn’t let up. Eventually the knots loosened, making Junta sigh in relief.

“Finally,” Akito said, skimming his fingers down to check the rest of Junta’s back.

“Thought you liked broken presents,” Junta grunted, boneless and warm.

“Not that broken,” Akito chuckled. “I’m supposed to be on the bottom, remember?”

“Hmm,” Junta said, then grabbed Akito’s upper arms and rolled so that Akito was blinking down at him, Junta nestled quite comfortably in the pillows. “I think I said you were going to get fucked. Not that you’d be on the bottom.”

Akito’s expression of surprise turned into one of pleased heat, wiping away all of Junta’s insecurities about the suggestion, and Akito leaned down for another kiss as he shifted his weight so that he was straddling Junta’s hips. Junta reached down to brush his fingers over Akito’s cock, and the kiss turned rough as Akito pushed into his touch.

Junta wrapped his hand around Akito’s cock more securely and gave a stroke, making Akito groan into his mouth. It wasn’t long before they were panting against each other more than kissing, and Akito pulled away to sit up.

About to protest, Junta’s words caught in his throat when Akito knocking Junta’s hand out of the way to take both of their cocks in his own hand. Akito’s eyes never left his hand, and Junta arched into Akito’s weight when he realized that Akito had wanted to watch the slide of their cocks against each other.

Heat rushed through Junta’s veins, and he gripped Akito’s hips for support, fingers digging in as he struggled to catch his breath. He could see the flush creeping down Akito’s skin and the way a sheen of sweat was starting across his shoulders, and when Akito looked up to meet Junta’s eyes with a hungry grin and his bottom lip caught in his teeth, Junta moaned and had to fight not to embarrass himself.

“If you want me inside you,” Junta warned in a strained voice, “you better stop fooling around down there.”

Akito laughed, full-throated and sweet, and Junta’s control almost didn’t survive how good that looked either. Akito leaned forward and slid his hand under the pillow, pulling out a tube that the lumpiness of the hotel pillow had prevented Junta from noticing.

“Prepared, were we?” Junta asked dryly as Akito popped the cap and gave him another wicked grin.

“It is my birthday, you know.” Akito coated his fingers and reached behind himself, sitting up on his knees to reach. He hummed a little, then cracked an eye to look Junta over. “Feel free to help.”

Junta didn’t need any further prompting to pull the tube out Akito’s hand and slick his own fingers, then urged Akito up by pushing on the backs of his thighs, until Junta could easily reach the spot where Akito already had two fingers inside himself. Junta pushed Akito’s hand out of the way, making Akito grumble, but replaced them quickly with his own. Hands free, Akito leaned forward to put his weight on them, giving Junta a better angle and making it so that he could push into the touch. Akito made a lot of low, soft noises that made Junta’s cock twitch, and it was tempting to rush, especially since Junta knew that Akito would have rushed himself and wouldn’t mind.

But Junta loved Akito better than that, so he gritted his teeth and finished properly, because the wait was more than worth it when he could push Akito the whole way down onto his cock in one slow, long thrust, Akito begging for it the whole time with his head thrown back and his eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“Junta,” Akito groaned when his weight was settled on Junta’s hips, “fuck, Junta,” and Junta just moaned softly back, unable to catch his breath enough for words. Akito was hot and slick and tight around him, so good, but nothing compared to how good it was when Akito opened his eyes and lifted his head back up to watch Junta as he started to move.

Junta peeled the fingers of one hand away from Akito’s hips so that he could get them around Akito’s cock again, hissing when the touch made Akito’s rhythm jump. When Junta looked up, Akito’s eyes were so dark and intent on Junta that it made his breath catch, made him squeeze his grip tight and moan Akito’s name after all.

“Harder,” Akito begged, and Junta planted his good foot against the mattress to comply, thrusting up just as Akito was rocking down. “Junta.”

“Yeah,” Junta answered, not really sure what the question was. His legs were shaking, but thankfully he could feel the telltale trembling that meant Akito was getting close. He threw all his energy into slamming into Akito a couple more times, twisting his slick fingers on Akito’s cock, and Akito came with another groan of Junta’s name, spilling over Junta’s hand and stomach.

Junta followed a few seconds later, the squeeze of Akito’s body too much, too good. When Junta finally blinked the sweat out of his eyes, Akito was still leaning over him, panting and grinning at him.

“That,” Akito said, shifting and making Junta whimper, “was a great idea.”

“I didn’t invent it,” Junta grumbled, letting his eyes fall shut. “Get off unless you want to go again.”

“Maybe I do,” Akito teased, leaning down for a kiss, but he let Junta pull him up off his cock and resettle him slightly to one side on his chest. Akito snuggled tightly against Junta, warm and affectionate after sex.

“As if you’re ever good for anything except a nap, after,” Junta teased back, groping around with his eyes still closed to see if they could throw the blanket over them without moving.

“Try it and see,” Akito said, then yawned hugely. “Hm. Well, try next time.”

Junta gave up on the blanket, figuring they’d wake up when they got cold. He nosed at Akito’s temple and brushed a kiss over his cheekbone. “Congratulations on your birthday, partner.”

“Just wait until yours,” Akito promised, a smirk in his voice, and then he was out cold, snoring against Junta’s shoulder.

Junta scowled at the ceiling, suddenly wide awake.

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