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Nago-San Can Be My Guru Anytime

Seriously, go watch Kamen Rider Kiva RIGHT NOW.

also, if unlike me you don't relentlessly refresh hotakky every Shokura Sunday, the ABC+Shoon performance is now up, and it's so goddamned good that it honestly reduced me to tears.

I know that's sickeningly girly of me, but I really, really want them to be just "ABC" rather than "ABC+shoon (for now)". Shoon looks so happy, he looks so GOOD with them, they have new costumes, and they sound fantastic together, and Shoon gets to rap again, and he and Kawai clearly get on like rats and peanut butter cookies (trust me about that one), and oh my heart.

When they all shouted "we are Acrobatic Boy's Club" at the end, there was honestly crying. Because last year right about this time was when "Baby Babe" came out, and I felt exactly this way then, and I'm terrified to do it again and then when Johnny decides to do something else crazy instead...I don't want to feel the way I felt last September to be an annual event. Just once I want one of my favorites to have it all work out in the end, for permanent.

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