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Shokura 2008.09.07 Thoughts and Caps

Well, now that the random Kansai and everybody's missing Shokura are all out of the way for another year, we return to mousapi's usual ridiculous flail.

Shokura 2008.09.07 Thoughts and Caps

Firstly, what the shit is up with these new TOP3 costumes? they SUCK. It's like they couldn't figure out who was pretty enough for the skirt, so EVERYBODY gets one.

We might as well get this out of the way: ABC+Shoon is my favorite thing in the whole wide world right now, and if they don't adopt Shoon for real, my heart is going to seriously be broken. Also, Tottsu and Tsuka really cranked up the cute for this ep, yo. And these black costumes are kickass. I'M JUST SO HAPPY SHOON MATCHES.

I continue to find deeper meaning in the shokura intro, like a sort of underaged, glittery i-ching. Today we get kisumai+top3+abc/shoon+the takanakada proto-unit+the shintarou taiga proto-unit+those other guys, and honestly i think we're pretty much seeing how things are all going to break down once we get serious about new unit names.

Also, somebody decipher the name of that kid in the shintarou unit who looks like a tiny adorable Yamada. Johnny was pimpin him out this week, woo buddy. He's a cutie.

My love for BAD+Takaki is also hard and true, and man they look like they're having SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER. BAD looks so much better in motion than in photoshoots, seriously.

I think we should start using Shintarou as a meter for who is the closest to debuting. Whatever group he's trying hardest to be in? they're the one that's winning right now. Shintarou can sense these things.

Has Koyama been working out? jesus, he is RIPPED this episode. Somebody get that man some TAPE. also i love this theme. I'm a sap, get over it. and Akito talks WAY TOO FAST, christ.

I love the vs start to the Nakama medley, and Akito and Junta are SUCH DORKS. so much love. nothing kills me harder than people from different groups who clearly enjoy the hell out of each other. The Gokusen love is clearly a fierce thing.

I tried super hard not to love the Shintarou unit doing DUES, but I failed. This is the Yamada-kid i'm talking about. CUTE. Seems like the membership of this proto-unit has kind of solidified. Taiga's been growing on me recently, but Nakayama never does. He's just odd-looking drama or no drama. Also it was so odd to have UMP sung as a senpai song, although that's exactly what it is now. I wonder if they told Hasshi to molest Nakayama or he just does it on his own.

Oretachi no Seishun + JITABATA whatever was really cool. I wish these three would film together again just so we could see more of them as a trio. Their voices blend really nicely and everything. Akito was freaking smoking during this entire thing. I love watching people dance who are clearly having the time of their lives. All three of them are excellent dancers too, which is a change in a shokura ep, lol.

Koyama asks a bunch of tiny people who their nakama are, and everybody is adorable. Mini-Yamada (who upon inspection has an unfortunate bird staple to his costume) names Shintarou, and i spent his whole explanation wondering if Shintarou threatened everyone with pain and suffering if they didn't pick him. But I think Shintarou picks him back!~ cute. Also Koyama goes "KAWAII~" at Shintarou's girly little "hai~". TAIGA PICKS FUJIGAYA. I lol because I wrote it. Takada picks Ookawa! which is also cute cause i can read all their kanji, which is how Ookawa got to be one of my favorites.

Uekusa? dude, what is that kid's name? Anyway, he talks a lot! Koyama asks him about Playzone. And then there is a Shounentai medley, the whole idea of which sort of makes me giggle for no particular reason. Shintarou and Ueyamadathingy are cute, and Shintarou clearly tops. And then out run the TINIEST JRS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Seriously, that kid on the left is like a foot high. Even for Japan, this is out of control. Is that that Sho kid? I hope there aren't two people that tiny.

Taiga's face here makes me lol. Guess he wasn't supposed to do whatever he just did. Then he sort of makes a "YOSH" face and goes back to work. Aww. Ganbatte, bunny-kun.

I wish they'd go back to showing Casey as much as they used to. Mostly, I just like when they announce him as "ANDERSON."

Yokoo and Kitayama fail at the game because they can't stop doing squats in sync. MEMBER-AI. But I super like Wataru's new haircut. I think he just had his 20~ prettiness change, because all the sudden i think he's consistently attractive, which is new. Nozawa's cute as a button but fails. Tsuka beats the crap out of Akun at situps. Fujigaya beats Sanada, and Nakamaru encourages him with a "don't mind."

Then we come to the cheating combination, Kitayama/Nikaido wheelbarrow PAIR! Nikaido tries to trip the Camu/Fujigaya pair, and ends up in a pornographic sprawl in retribution. Also he calls Kitayama "Mit-chan." The MCs torment their kouhai by talking endlessly while they have to hold the wheelbarrow positions.

that's hard to see, but on the left side there, Kitanika somehow end up in the missionary position. Amazing.

YES. GOD YES PLEASE. JOHNNY DON'T HURT ME AGAIN. Kawai calls Shoon acrobatic, and Shoon i think (?) says that he ran into Kawai shopping and they bought the same hat. i dunno, he molests Tottsu, so who cares. and then Kawai says Shoon and Tottsu did something together. It's been ages since I saw Shoon in a talk like this, and he's totally animated and comfortable. He really grew up this year, and I'm totally proud. And the way he shouts "YOSHA" when he runs off the stage with Kawai and Tottsu. sldgjaslgjaslgjaslgjaglajga.

ALSO THIS SONG IS HOT LIKE THE BURNING. I was not in any way prepared for how amazing this song was going to look and sound, for how clearly Shoon's voice was going to improve their sound, for how smoothly they all blended together. I love the red costumes, all the acrobatics, the rap, Tottsu's lead singing, just, gah, everything. MY HEART.

I've been on the shoon+abc bandwagon ever since we caught hints they were working together, but now that i've actually seen it, I'm terrified it won't happen for real and then i'll be absolutely heartbroken. At the end of this live when they shouted "We are ACROBATIC BOYS CLUB" I seriously started to cry (i know i'm a freak, shut up), because I want it harder than anything. It's just, it's so good. And now that I've read enshige's translation of Shoon talking about ABC...I want them all to be this happy, always. I want Shoon to have a unit again, and I want to hear his voice, exactly like this.

It's like every September JE must break me in half. BE KIND THIS YEAR, JOHNNY-SAN.

I paid attention to essentially nothing during the Kansai ni Q. Sorry. Somebody drew a cute octopus, though.

BAD's letter exchange is gayer than rainbow punch, as always. They're so cute. You know they're doing it right when the other person is like "HEY. STOP THAT."

I'm so glad they filmed this shokura early, before Junta hurt himself, because BAD's live is totally amazing. They're both amazing performers, and they're totally in sync with each other, it's a complete pleasure to watch. Also they sing "aishiteru" a lot in this song, so.

Koyama and Nakamaru talk about something for a moment here, but i'm not sure exactly what. It has to do with the juniors all being a group, and all being nakama.

I find the lineup of Mugendai opening word guys interesting. It goes Akito (Friendship), Hasshi (truth), Tottsu (dream), Senga (ambition), Shintarou (happiness), Takada? (smile), Fujigaya (strength), and Junta (journey). Just an intriguing cross-section of juniors. The older/younger kisumai split is adorable, and Mitsu and Wataru are both whores. More shoon+abc, and Takaki and Akito lovingly elbow each other.

Have I mentioned lately how hard I love the juniors? Just, my heart. Sometimes when they're all in a jumble having fun together in ridiculous costumes singing ridiculously sappy songs (TAISETSU NA NAKAMA) i feel like I can't take it.

in closing, please, Johnny-san. Don't break my heart again like last September. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE THE LAST TIME SHOON GETS TO SHOUT THIS.

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