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somebody's sleeping on the couch

my dad got a tattoo. It has to be ten inches square. My mother isn't speaking to him. I have pictures, i'll put them up as soon as I figure out how to get them from the camera to the not-ibook-computer.

It's of a Roman eagle clutching lightning bolts, and i thought immediately of copperbadge's story (which I lovelovelove) about Sirius' phoenix tattoo when I saw it, because the skin is so bruised the whole thing is flaming red and purple.

hetaira9's brother shares this story about Legolas being pretty:

D: me, and my friends jon and donnie went to the mall cruising for chicks
D: now, donnie is 22
D: and he left his glasses in greece
D: so he was wearing his prescription ones from like 6 years ago
D: so we were walking past the cd store, and he says "mark, i think there's this hot blonde chick staring at me"
D: and i respond "donnie...thats a cardboard cutout of legolas"
D: and then the appropriate chuckling commensed
D: the end
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