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Title: Ai no Command [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for unusual use of KAT-TUN con goods.
Summary: It's hot, Miyata's grumpy, and Tamamori's a sucker for aircon.
AN: Kis-My-Ft2 interviews as usual provide fodder for porn. Observe:

F: Anyone else have any memories to do with nature?
T: I used to go to my grandpa’s place in Nagano every summer, there were lots of fireflies there, that’s how good the environment is there. When you go to places like that with lots of nature, it’s really calming and you feel like you’re being healed.

Ai no Command

The city is sweltering in the end-of-summer heat. Miyata feels sticky and limp, gross no matter how many showers he takes, snappish even though with Summary just ended, they have a few days off.

It’s even too hot to make out, which multiplies Miyata’s grumpiness by just that much more, and he picks a lot of pointless fights with whoever’s closest. More often than not, it’s Tamamori, and Miyata would feel guilty if he could feel anything other than glued to whatever piece of furniture he’s slumped against.

“You think you would have learned your lesson last Christmas,” Tamamori says crisply, and Miyata squirms unhappily before buying Tamamori’s forgiveness with ice cream, using the last handful of change in his pocket.

So Miyata is more than a little wary when his cell rings and rouses him out of the sticky doze he’s managing on the couch only in the direct path of the fan. He knows without looking that it’s Tamamori, given the polyphonic strains of “Kis-My-Me-Mine,” but after a second’s debate over whether answering or not answering will get him in more trouble in the end, Miyata, scoops up his phone and thumbs the answer button.

“Hey,” he says.

“So,” Tamamori replies without preamble, “our aircon went out and we’re going up to my grandpa’s place in Nagano. Want to come?”

The “Yes” is on Miyata’s tongue before he stops himself and forces himself to think about how many arguments he’s started in the last few days. “Tama-chan, are you sure you…”

“I’m not mad,” Tamamori chuckles, and Miyata’s stomach rolls a little. “It’s too hot to be angry. Ne, come on, it’ll relax you. It’s really beautiful and…” Tamamori’s words stumble and Miyata would bet his left skate that Tamamori is blushing, “I want to show it to you.”

“Okay,” Miyata blurts, and that’s how he ends up in the backseat of the Tamamoris’ lozenge-sized car. Fortunately, since a love of aircon is the reason the Tamamoris are fleeing the city in the first place, at least the inside of the car is cold.

Tamamori and his mother both pass out about ten minutes into the drive, Tamamori-san against her window and Tamamori against Miyata’s shoulder, leaving Miyata and Tamamori’s father in an awkward silence. Miyata hopes that the car is small enough that it isn’t completely suspicious, and also that Tamamori-san can’t see far enough down in the rearview mirror to realize that Tamamori’s fingers are curled through Miyata’s.

“So,” Tamamori-san finally says, “I hear my wife bought your uchiwa at Summary.”


Tamamori’s grandfather’s house is just as picturesque as Tamamori promised, and Miyata has to admit that he feels much more relaxed as soon as he steps out of the car, the kink in his neck notwithstanding.

“Ne, ne?” Tamamori pokes Miyata’s cheek, and Miyata scowls at being read so easily as he bats Tamamori’s hand away. Tamamori laughs and says, “I told you so,” then gives a wide yawn and scrunches up his hair, and Miyata has to look away as his heart rate picks up.

The first order of business, after Tamamori gives Miyata a quick tour, is a hot bath to soak out the rest of his grumpiness. Miyata is almost relaxed when the door slides open and Tamamori strides inside.

“What are you doing in here?!” Miyata yelps. “What do you think this is, our hotel room?”

“My dad was making noises about skinship,” Tamamori shrugs, tugging off his T-shirt. “I made a dramatic escape.”

“That’s…that’s…stop getting naked!” Miyata protests. “I can’t think! What if your parents come in here!”

“Relax.” Tamamori tosses aside the rest of his clothes and pulls the shower head loose from its hook. “My mom made a deal with me that she’d distract him and leave us alone so long as we were out of here and nowhere to be found in a half-hour. Wash my back?”

“Your family is creepy.” Miyata lets his head thunk back against the wall and closes his eyes. “The hell with you, I’m already comfortable.”

Tamamori laughs and turns on the spray, and Miyata sneaks half-lidded glances at Tamamori as he rushes through his shower and rinses himself off. Tamamori slides into the tub and settles into the curve of Miyata’s arm.

“You don’t have to pretend you aren’t watching, you know,” Tamamori says after a groan of bliss at the hot water sinking into his muscles.

“You got something worth watching?” Miyata inquires, but his eyes fly open when Tamamori takes one of Miyata’s hands and drops it in his own lap.

“Why don’t you tell me,” Tamamori says sweetly, and Miyata asks how long they have until his parents show up.


“Okay, so,” Miyata cranes his neck to peer at the hand that Tamamori isn’t holding onto Miyata’s with, but it’s too dark to really see, “where are we going and what do you have in your hand?”

“I promised you nature and fireflies,” Tamamori answers, and Miyata doesn’t need light to see his grin. “And you’ll see.”

He tugs Miyata along for a ways, until they’re far enough away from the house that the grass comes up past Miyata’s knees, and Tamamori tugs him to sit down still several yards away from where the trees of the nearby woods start.

“I hope there aren’t any beetles out here either,” Miyata jokes, but he pats down the ground before he actually sits. “Not only will we both get bitten right on the ass, but then we’ll never get rid of Nikaido.”

“It’s all part of nature,” Tamamori advises, making Miyata snort, and then Tamamori holds up the object he’s been carrying in his other hand.

When he flips it on, it turns out it’s a Queen of Pirates tour light stick.

“A KAT-TUN light stick?” Miyata laughs, then tilts his head when Tamamori flips it on and off a few times.

“It should really be something yellow or green,” Tamamori says, “but if I get the pattern right, it won’t really…”

He trails off when suddenly a wave of fireflies blinks on in front of them. Tamamori blinks the light a few more times, mixing long and slow blinks, and the number doubles.

“Different kinds of fireflies use different patterns,” Tamamori explains as Miyata holds out a hand to catch two or three of the tiny lights. “The males hang around and show up whenever they see the right one.”

“You’re making us look like the male fireflies’ type?” Miyata asks, then laughs as he flicks his fingers to shake off the fireflies stuck to his fingers and catches some others instead. “That’s a little messed up.”

“Well, we are sitting in the grass, blinking and waiting for them to show up,” Tamamori points out. “Which makes us the girls.”

“It makes you the girl,” Miyata gives Tamamori’s shoulder a shove with his own, then leans over to kiss Tamamori, sliding closer and getting a hand in his hair when Tamamori hums his approval.

“You telling me I’m blinking in the right pattern?” Tamamori asks when they break for air.

“This metaphor’s freaking me out.” Miyata pushes Tamamori down onto his back in the grass and leans down to kiss him more seriously, settling his weight comfortably on top of Tamamori.

They hadn’t really finished in the bath, having agreed that it was less than hygienic, but it doesn’t take them long to get back on track, Tamamori urging Miyata further over him until he can grind up into him properly, and Miyata tilting Tamamori’s head up into the kiss by getting a hand between it and the ground.

“There’s stuff in my pocket,” Tamamori pulls back momentarily to groan, hands under Miyata’s T-shirt and tight on his skin.

“God, I love you,” Miyata pants in return, sliding off Tamamori to let him dig in his pockets, then helping him pull his shirt off. He eyes Tamamori’s pale skin for a moment as Tamamori strips off his jeans, thinking. “Here, come here.”

“What?” Tamamori asks when Miyata lies down on his back and pushes his shirt up a little.

“You have to be a lot more naked than me.” Miyata undoes his own jeans and pushes them down just far enough for Tamamori to settle in a straddle over Miyata’s bared skin. “You won’t get as dirty.”

“That’s sweet of you,” Tamamori says indulgently, leaning down to kiss Miyata and cutting off Miyata’s excuse that he really just doesn’t want to explain a lot of obvious grass stains on Tamamori’s bare skin to his parents.

It’s too dark to see Tamamori’s face properly as Miyata pushes first one then two fingers inside of him, so instead he closes his eyes and concentrates on the noises Tamamori is making and how tight and hot he feels around Miyata’s fingers. Tamamori does most of the work in this position, pushing against Miyata’s fingers and working them deeper, and Miyata groans and thinks that they are really going to have to try this again when he can see it.

“Hurry up,” Tamamori begs, sinking down onto his elbows for better leverage. It brings him close enough for Miyata to kiss him, to swallow the high-pitched noises he makes when Miyata twists and curls his fingers. Tamamori chants pleas against Miyata’s mouth, until Miyata gives in and pulls his fingers free.

Tamamori straightens up and reaches behind himself to hold Miyata’s cock steady, and when he sinks down onto it, Miyata loosens one hand from Tamamori’s hips long enough to grope around in the dirt for the dropped light stick and flips it back on.

The bluish cast of it is just enough light to see that, underneath the want and the pleasure, Tamamori knows exactly what Miyata is doing. But what really makes Miyata shiver is that the heated smile says that Tamamori likes it just as much as he does.

“I love you too,” Tamamori says, rocking up onto his knees, and they both moan when he sinks back down. “Mm, can’t you help out down there?”

“I’m enjoying you doing all the work for a change,” Miyata retorts, voice thin. He wraps one arm around Tamamori’s waist anyway, though, and slides the other hand from Tamamori’s hip to wrap around his cock.

Tamamori cries out and digs his fingers into Miyata’s shoulders, pushing forward into his hand and then backwards down onto his cock, speeding up until Miyata can feel the tremble in Tamamori’s thighs.

“Go ahead,” Miyata urges, breathless and entranced, “come on,” and Tamamori shudders and spills over Miyata’s hand, voice thin and high.

He lets himself fall forward onto Miyata’s chest, lets Miyata tug him close for a kiss, even though he has to hold his back in an awkward arch to keep Miyata inside him.

“Hurry up, idiot,” Tamamori murmurs against Miyata’s mouth, and he squeezes his muscles until Miyata groans. “I’m not in A.B.C., I can’t do this for long.”

Miyata doesn’t make him wait, giving in as soon as his orgasm’s within reach and letting Tamamori cuddle against his chest through the aftermath.

“We are so doing that again when I can see what’s going on,” Miyata informs Tamamori.

“Hmm.” Tamamori yawns against Miyata’s collarbone and reaches up to click the light stick off. “Guess I’d better save the battery then.”


“I think your dad knows too,” Miyata comments when they’re falling asleep, their futons pushed close enough together to talk quietly while Miyata draws lazy patterns with his fingertips on the inside of Tamamori’s arm.

“I keep telling you you aren’t subtle,” Tamamori murmurs, eyes closed. “That tickles.”

“They don’t seem to be freaking out, right?” Miyata continues. Tamamori gives a vague hum, and Miyata smoothes his thumb more firmly over the skin of Tamamori’s wrist to brush away the tickle. “What do you think that means?”

“It means relax and go to sleep.” Tamamori reaches over to roll Miyata closer and snuggles in a lazy line along Miyata’s back. He sighs, his breath warm on the back of Miyata’s neck, his arm tucked comfortably over Miyata’s waist. “And don’t think every time you start a bunch of arguments you’re going to get a trip to Nagano out of it.”

Usually, Miyata thinks, he gets a bunch of sex out of it in his experience, but he decides now is a good time to keep his mouth shut and close his eyes like Tamamori told him to.

Besides, also based on experience, he’s pretty sure Tamamori will wake him up in a few hours to reward his obedience.

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