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can you bleed a little less, please?

stupid squirrelmail. can't get mail. had to change email address temporarily. emailed webhost. fix it, greg! It would be great if i could get the mail, because A) i am paying for the priviledge of getting it, and B) because my LJ code payoff is in there and i need to renew my account in the next three days.

I got up at the ass-crack of dawn this morning to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist, because the dental hygenist likes to stab me in the gums with her pointy tool, ala captain James Hook, and then complain because i bleed. I think she is bitter because can't be a real dentist and has to hygenistize instead.

saw RotK with Colin today.

it was just as good the second time, only i could pay more attention to random details. Like how Frodo's neck gets more and more torn up from the chain through the end of the movie.

Pippin's song is still my very favorite part. It's so beautiful and random, so haunting. I feel so bad for Pippin during the Palantir debacale (sp?), was it really so hard for Gandalf to be like "it's called a palantir and Sauron can see you through it, so don't fool with it!" I mean, Pippin's not a complete moron. I'd have wanted to look at the mysterious and pretty bowling ball as well. (insert Bowling Alone joke here)

Knowing that Pippin will eventually be Thain when he returns to the Shire really affected my view of him this time around. He's such a reckless little kid early on in the trilogy, and even through much of this one. Gandalf's pep talk to him about how death is only the beginning nearly made me cry again. I love the moment on the Minas Tirith battlefield when things between Merry and Pippin come full circle as Pippin says "I'm here to look after you."


I didn't start crying until later this time, but it still involved Sam and Rosie. There was wibbling as Frodo said "here at the end of all things", and during the hobbit-pile (everytime i see that first shot of Legolas there, I always think 'disco shirt'! and expect him to be wearing bell-bottoms), and back at the Green Dragon, but I didn't actually cry until the wedding shot when I noticed bride!rosie had ribbons in her hair, just like Sam remembered. WAH!

It's funny that I pick up every possible pairing in this movie (DWARF LOVE!), but never truly believe in Sam/Frodo. It's not for a lack of slashy material, but something about it I just don't buy. knowing that sam gets married and has a million kids may have something to do with it, but even before I knew that i wasn't on that train.

I think part of the problem is that they truly aren't equal for most of the story. Sam clearly believes himself to be subserviant to Frodo, and even though (or maybe because) I can't immagine Frodo abusing that, that lack of peer footing doesn't make for a convincing romance for me. It's funny though, because Sam is portrayed as a bit of the incompetant by almost everybody in the movies, but in the end, he's just about the only person who has ever held the Ring in his hand and then been able to let go. Other people want to kill after just looking at it; Sam actually touches it and still manages to hand it over on Frodo's say-so.

I still dislike the dying!Arwen plotline, and the line about it being the last ship leaving Middle Earth. Like, why mention erroneous info if it isn't helping your story at all? And while we're on the topic of Arwin, she spent all that time making that effing banner, and it looks like something I could make from an iron-on applique kit! It's not too impressive, honestly, certainly no more impressive than anybody else's, just more white instead of blue.

and btw, I TOLD you nothing would happen, Kenn! I would never don't plan on encouraging meg mayhem, thanks so much.

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