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Title: Different [Sho/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for the pretty new guy.
Summary: Sho tells Nagi that Hikaru is different.
AN: Set in between Hikaru's intro during Smart 7th and his Shining Star, and I suppose is sort of a continuation of that fic i wrote where Sho suggests Coat West to Hikaru as a part-time job at school. Inbound-ship-style (Irifune Ushirodori), if you're interested, is the Japanese name for doggy-style, which as we all know is generally one of Sho's favorite positions. At least it is with people he doesn't want to look in the face.


“What do you think of him?” Sho asked, flopping down on the break futon next to Nagi. He laid his head on Nagi’s thigh and tilted it back to see Nagi’s face.

Nagi pulled his attention away from the drama on the television to regard Sho. “The kid from your school? He’s cute enough, I suppose.”

“He was fun, right?” Sho prompted. “And good, ne, ne?”

Nagi raised an eyebrow; Sho grinned innocently.

“What do you think about him?” Nagi finally inquired.

“I’m gonna ask him to go drinking,” Sho answered.

“Oh god,” Nagi groaned. “Sho…”

“You can come too, if you want,” Sho offered.


“I was thinking that place around the corner from my apartment,” Sho continued, ignoring Nagi. “They have these mango berry daiquiri things, two of those and…”

“Oh, get off!” Nagi finally snapped, shoving Sho’s head off his lap. “Three things. First of all, I don’t know what you tell me this stuff for in the first place, since you clearly don’t want my opinion. Secondly, you drink things that are so girly it makes ME sick, and I film male/male pornography!”

Sho turned around the other way and dropped his bare feet into Nagi’s lap instead. “What’s the third thing?”

“You promised you weren’t going to do this again,” Nagi said.

“Aww, Nagi…” Sho started, but Nagi cut him off with a stern expression.

“You always do this!” Nagi pointed a finger at Sho’s pout. “Some cute little porn kouhai starts, you get a crush, fool around with them, they get a crush, and then you get bored and everybody else has to put up with weepy, brokenhearted bottoms!”

“Oh, what do you care?” Sho sighed, giving Nagi a thump with his heel. “You don’t ever top anyway.”

“And you’re nothing but a giant dick,” Nagi shot back, slipping a hand into Sho’s jean leg to pinch him. “We all tried to warn you, I tried to warn you, but you never listen. After Ryu-chan, the only reason you weren’t fired right along with him was because of your aforementioned giant dick.”

“Ryu-chan wasn’t that great.” Sho waved his hand dismissively. “And this is different.”

“How is this different?”

“Hikaru isn’t a bottom.”

Sho gave Nagi a suggestive grin and wiggled his toes.

“Yo,” Hikaru greeted, strolling in and knocking Sho’s legs casually aside to sit between them. His hair was still damp from the shower, and he threw arms casually around both Nagi and Sho’s shoulders. “I was thinking about getting a drink. You guys interested?”

“We were just talking about you,” Sho grinned back. “How do you feel about mango berry daiquiris?”

Hikaru made an interested noise, and Nagi swallowed another sigh, resigning himself to the girliest drinks a male/male pornography idol could stomach.


Two and a half daiquiris later, Sho and Hikaru were tucked cozily on one side of the bar booth, and Nagi was feeling drunkenly superior. When Sho crawled over Hikaru to hit the bathroom, Nagi regarded Hikaru with a caring senpai’s condescension.

“He’s trying to seduce you, you know,” Nagi said, running his fingers up and down the straw of his drink in case Hikaru didn’t quite get it. “He does it to all the pretty new guys.”

“Really?” Hikaru tilted his head, then broke into a blinding grin. “That’s great!”

Nagi frowned. “What? Why?”

“Because I’m trying to seduce him!” Hikaru announced.

“What do you mean you’re—“ Nagi cut off with a yelp as Hikaru kicked him sharply under the table, then Sho showed back up. Hikaru beamed up at Sho innocently, and Nagi scowled and bolted the rest of his drink.

“Nagi-kun isn’t feeling well,” Hikaru informed Sho, giving Nagi another helpful kick in case his acting ability only went as far as the other kind of moaning. “But Sho’s apartment is nearby, right? We should go there, since Nagi’s going home.”

“I told you he was different!” Sho hissed at Nagi while Hikaru made his own trip to the bathroom, and the two of them were rifling through their wallets for the bill.

“You were right,” Nagi said serenely.

“Nagi-chan, you don’t have to be such a great, big…” Sho paused and squinted drunkenly at Nagi. “What?”

“You two,” Nagi slapped Sho on the shoulder, “definitely deserve each other.”

Sho pondered that for a few moments, but then Hikaru came back, and Sho forgot about Nagi’s sudden acceptance of the facts of life until he’d gotten Hikaru into his apartment and onto his futon.

“Nagi-kun said you were seducing me,” Hikaru head his head tilted back to grin at Sho, “and he said you secretly love to bottom,” and then all of the sudden it all came flooding back to Sho.

“Well…he…” Sho spluttered as Hikaru reached up to grab two fistfuls of Sho’s shirt and yanked him down. “I never…”

Hikaru smiled sweetly as he rolled Sho underneath him. “I told him it wasn’t much of a secret.”

“Oi,” Sho started to protest, but Hikaru kissed him just then, and Sho became far more interested in how Hikaru tasted like mango berry daiquiri than in arguing.

The room spun a little as Hikaru got hands up under Sho’s shirt, and then eventually broke the kiss long enough to tug the shirt off entirely. Hikaru hummed as Sho slid hands up the bare skin of his back, Sho spreading his legs a little wider so that Hikaru could press closer, curving his back to lick at Sho’s nipple.

Sho was content to let Hikaru explore, pushing aside clothing as he went. Sho stretched out under Hikaru’s roaming hands and mouth, making appreciative noises when appropriate and occasionally twiddling the ends of Hikaru’s bleached hair between his fingers.

“Topping doesn’t mean I do all the work,” Hikaru commented, scraping Sho’s skin with the sharp edge of his teeth and making Sho groan.

“Actually,” Sho tipped his head back and let his eyes flutter shut when the room spun faster, “that’s exactly what it means.”

The room spun harder, and it took Sho a second to realize that this time he actually was in motion. When he sorted everything out, he was straddling Hikaru’s waist, Hikaru grinning up at him from the flat of his back.

“Try again,” Hikaru said. “Also, while you’re up there, find the lube.”

“God, no wonder you’re getting a Shining Star already,” Sho grumbled, making Hikaru laugh and slap his ass.

Sho didn’t bother to pretend that he minded, though, as he leaned over to root through a tangle of his blankets and turned up the lube, then dropped it on Hikaru’s chest. And he really didn’t mind when Hikaru was sliding two fingers into him, the other hand brushing lightly over the back of Sho’s thigh from knee to ass, urging Sho up onto his knees with the tickle of it.

“You have nice fingers,” Sho hummed, resting his forehead on Hikaru’s shoulder and rocking backwards.

“And you really like to talk,” Hikaru answered. He twisted his fingers, and Sho shuddered and gave a low moan. “And you really like that, too.”

“I’ll show you something else I really like,” Sho said, and then he picked up his head just enough to kiss Hikaru again, heated and messy as Hikaru continued to work him open.

“Tell me how you want it,” Hikaru murmured against Sho’s mouth, pulling his fingers free.

“Doesn’t matter,” Sho answered, pressing his mouth back against Hikaru’s in between words, and then when Hikaru insisted on an answer, decided, “Roll me over.”

“Face to face, hm?” Hikaru asked as Sho crawled off and they switched places. Hikaru rolled on a condom and watched in amusement as Sho stretched himself back out in a lazy sprawl and found his pillow to bunch under his neck. “I heard you liked inbound-ship-style.”

“Depends on whether I’m topping or not,” Sho answered, then interrupted himself with a throaty noise as Hikaru pushed inside. Sho leaned up to wrap arms around Hikaru’s neck and pull him down, urging him in deeper by a leg up around his waist. “Depends on who I’m with.”

“You don’t have to sweet-talk me, you know,” Hikaru chuckled, indulging Sho’s transparent hunt for more kissing. “I’m already fucking you.”

“I know,” Sho gave Hikaru a last kiss and flopped down on his back, raising his hips. “I told Nagi you were different.”

Hikaru got serious, cutting off further conversation, but Sho hardly cared as he pushed into Hikaru’s thrusts. He reached for his cock, only to have his hand slapped away as Hikaru beat him to it, and when Sho cracked an eye in surprise, he found Hikaru leering down at him smugly.

It didn’t take Sho long at all after that, especially not with the way that Hikaru was twisting his wrist and pounding him steadily, and just before he came, Sho hazily wondered if his position as most hardcore seme in Coat West was being usurped.

Being usurped felt pretty fucking awesome, though, Sho mused dizzily to himself as Hikaru sped up and finished with a groan of satisfaction. He stayed where he was a few moments longer, bracing himself above Sho with his elbows locked, until he could finally get his eyes back open and meet Sho’s gaze.

Sho grinned and got a grin in return, then knocked one of Hikaru’s elbows out and snickered when Hikaru collapsed on his chest with a grunt.

Hikaru wasn’t opposed to post-coital making out, much to Sho’s delight, and they traded lazy kisses as they eased Hikaru out of Sho and disposed of the condom, then threw enough of the blanket over them that they wouldn’t have to move for some time.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Hikaru eventually said, Sho in a warm spoon along his back. “But how am I different than the dozens of other adorable kouhai you’ve had in this admittedly very comfortable futon?”

“Hmmm,” Sho said against Hikaru’s shoulder, and the hand that he’d been stroking in irregular circles on the outside of Hikaru’s hip suddenly slipped a bit lower. “Well, for one thing,” he murmured in Hikaru’s ear, grinning at Hikaru’s throaty chuckle, “you’re reversi.”

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…