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The Theocracy Controls The Apparatus

Coincidentally this week, as the whole issue of copperbadge's journal getting hacked has been going on, we've been doing Roman Empire maps in class, and that always ends up with me talking about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, and then (not that I mentioned this in class), but while trying to explain to a bunch of teenagers what's so devastating about some library burning down, really in my head I was thinking about how I felt when Sandust burned down in Stealing Harry, ie, like my heart was totally broken.

Which I'm sure is nothing compared to how devastated I would be if lost all my old entries. I back mine up once in a while, but that's not the same as having it how it is. I worry about it once in a while, because it isn't like the internet is foolproof, plainly, but there's really nothing to do other than to keep backing stuff up once in a while.

So anyway, Sam is asking for people to look and see if they have any of the old entries anyplace, and once he's got himself sorted out, he'll figure out how to get what he can up again. But he does have his journal back, at least, so that's something.
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