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Sirius' Worst Memory Mini-challenge

Ahoy! Who's up for a mini-challenge?

In the course of the ficlet I posted yesterday, Sirius briefly mentions five of his secrets. Since the point of the ficlet was that he HAD the secrets, not what they were, they were very compressed sentences dying to tell a more involved story.

the challenge: Take any of the sentence-length secrets below and write the story behind it. Any length, rating, whatever you want, so long as it is related to the quote of your choosing (all are first-person POV quotes from Sirius). Your choices are:

Secret #1
"How I set up a spell to take a few points from Slytherin's House counter every day and that's the reason Gryffindor's won four House Cups out of five no matter how many points I lose."

Secret #2
"How I slipped McGonagall a Copying Quill that gave me all her exams ahead of time and sold them to desperate Hufflepuffs all Fourth Year, and then gave everyone the wrong answers at the end of the semester just for a laugh."

Secret #3
"How I'm really a Slytherin, how the Sorting Hat told me that Dumbledore had ordered it to Place me in Gryffindor, but it knew I was really just like the rest of my family deep down."

Secret #4
"How I came back from summer holidays with scars across my back from my mother's cursed belt buckle and begged him to heal all the places I couldn't reach so nobody else would know."

Secret #5
"How Bella caught me in a closet and I let her do what she wanted to me and I've never told anyone, only Remus knew because he could smell her on me but he thought I didn't know about him yet."

If you are so inspired, drop a comment here about which memory you like, and then a link when you want to share what you ended up with.

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