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Chaotic Butterfly: Unseen Wings (The Official NaNo 2008 Filter Post)

*shamelessly copies post from last year* ETA: now with the right year in the header!

It's roundabout that time again, boys and girls. This year I'm once again filtering for the NaNo fic (although the rest of you will no doubt still be subjected to my whining during the process), so comment if you want to read the NaNo as it goes up. if i don't have you friended, comment anyway, and I'll add you so you can go on the filter. Everyone who was on the filter last year is still on so you don't have to ask to be added, but feel free to tell me that you're reading again, or tell me if you want to be taken off.

You can also join ichiband_weekly, the official Chaotic Butterfly Fan and Fanworks comm.

A summary to help you make an informed decision:

Working Title: Chaotic Butterfly: Unseen Wings

5*STAR is back. Eighteen months after the release of their single and their demotion to trainee status, the members continue on as regulars of Midareteku Entertainment. The summer's shaping up to be more than a little bustling, with Tsukioka and Adachi starring in a summer drama, Sakurai writing the theme single and staging a solo concert, and Goto and Rin acting as fill-in MCs for Ichiband Weekly. Under all the stress, the members start to come apart at the seams, and struggle to find ways to stay strong as a unit when they're scattered across Japan.

Will 5*STAR burn out, or will they prove that stars under the most pressure shine the brightest? Either way, this summer things are sure to heat up!

Now's the time to lobby for your favorite side-character bands, or to discuss what changes you think might have been made to ME since the last story.
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