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North Korea Has Sanitized Google To Stop All NaNo Progress

okay, this is driving me completely insane.

I need a list of usable name syllables for the Koreans who make up SPARKLee, but I cannot turn up a list like that no matter what i do! I know there IS a list, because all I can find are articles telling me that the government makes a list that you have to use, but then WON'T GIVE ME THE LIST. I have spent 42 minutes trying to turn this fucking list up, and instead all i get is THE EXACT SAME WIKI ARTICLE OVER AND OVER AND OVER.


does anybody have a useable link for a list of options for Korean personal names?

ETA: DONE. illuminations fixed it. this was not worth an hour and a half of my life asdlfkjadlfjaflkaf.
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