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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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That's Because Kisumai Likes Having Delusions

from shatteredtenshi:

Yokoo: During the song of Yabu and Hikaru, we were dancing at the back, and we looked at Hikaru's back properly, there was a hanger hanging there.

Kitayama: Not to mention there was another hanger hanging off that hanger, so there was two hangers in total (laughs).

Okay, I just was WEEPING with laughter over that. I bet Yabu like peed himself laughing afterwards, and probably everybody is suddenly telling Shoon they understand what he was dealing with all those years.

Also, the new DBSK pv is AMAZING. Jaejoong does things with a glass of wine and a phone that...well. I'll let you see for yourselves~

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