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SHINee's Fans Aren't Just Nunas

word count for today: zero~

lol, I'll make up for it tomorrow and Sunday. I went out for sushi with my mother and literally ate myself sick. OMG GODZILLA ROLL SO GOOD. and my mother got tonkatsu, which shimmeredusk and I were just talking about last weekend and thus I was longing for, so I had some of that too. They had a little standee on the table that read "KATSU MANIA" which cracked me up.

and then somehow we got a fried banana too. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.

anyway, I'm going to curl up in bed with (DICE・K) 超人サイバーZ, which is totally the Coat version of Kamen Rider. LMAO INTERNET.

Did SHINee win the newcomer award yet? Didn't the voting end today sometime?

Adopt one today!

ETA: I've been watching for about ten minutes (I skipped most of the first scene cause I hate the faceless sex thing) and I am LOLING SO HARD. POWER DRILL. EVIL SHO. MIND CONTROLLED KAI. "LOSE THE PANTS YO."
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