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The List of JE Things

I was told that a list was necessary XD

KAT-TUN - サマー Concert (2003)
KAT-TUN - LIVE 海賊帆 (2005)
KAT-TUN - cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU (2007) w/ Photobook

Arashi - Arashi Around Asia (3-disc)
Arashi - Arashi Around Asia in DOME w/ Photobook

Mixed - Summary of Johnny's World (2004)

And then, bizarrely, two discs of the Ya-Ya-yah show, 8/20-9/10 and 10/15-11/5. I'm not sure what year these are, but one of them involves Shige and Tego failing utterly to make doughnuts at a Mr. Donut shop.

Arashi - We Can Make It! (w/ cards)
Arashi - Time (Regular ed)

KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta (Regular ed)
KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN III Queen of Pirates (Limited w/ DVD)

Ya-Ya-yah - Yuki 100% (probably Regular ed)

Mixed - Endless SHOCK soundtrack (w/ DVD)

You know, that list is not that impressive, given the stack of things I'm looking at here. You know what I own a shit-ton of? W-inds., DBSK, and ONE OK ROCK. the pile was like "w-inds., w-inds., OOR, w-inds., DBSK, OOR, DBSK, JE, w-inds...."

Magazines ahahahah this is the truly embarrassing part.

Potato: 2007/8-present

2007: 6, 11
2008: 3, 4, 8

2007: 4, 8, 9, 11, 12
2008: 1, 3, 4, 7

Myojo: 2007/9, 2007/11, 2008/12

Popolo: 2007/11

2006: 7
2007: 8, 9, 12

B=PASS: 2007/9

ARENA 37°c:
2007: 1, 9, 10
2008: 5, 8

ARENA 37°c Special:
2007: 8, 12
2008: 2, 6

Jemz just mailed me my stuff for Sept-Nov, but I really can't remember what I told her to get me, lol. Um, I always get the Potatoes, but there's some combination of Wink-ups and Duets in there too. TO BE CONTINUED dot dot dot

Tour Pamphlets because what the hell, while I'm down here on the floor.

Summary 2005 (NEWS vs Ya-Ya-yah)
Summary 2008 (Hey Say JUMP, East vs West)
Kis-My-Ft2/A.B.C.-Z First Concert 2008
Kanjani8 2008
KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates 2008
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