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Now Mom Wants A Wii

I just sent cdjapan an email that had like ten questions in it, lol. Some poor Japanese translating employee is going to be like " is this shit."

But seriously, it really shouldn't be so hard to use my rightfully earned 500Y coupon. Too much freaking drama, yo.

So I ate turkey and potatoes and cornbread and something made of yams until I felt like I was going to die, which can only mean Thanksgiving~ I'm so lucky my brothers and I still all live near my parents, and it's so easy to see them routinely, especially now that I have a tiny nephew.

I'm thankful for all of you too, flist, even if only a couple of you are putting out with the 5*STAR fic this November. I STILL LOVE YOU. So I hope those of you with the same holiday as me ate until you also felt like you were going to die, and everybody else indulged in at least one delightful food of their choosing.

omg my brother and mother are making noises about going out at 4am to buy things wut
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