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The Last NaNo Post of the Year

If anybody off the filter was waiting to make sure I finished before reading, I did indeed finish NaNo again this year, and Unseen Wings is therefore complete. I went through and tagged all the chapter posts.

Chaotic Butterfly: Unseen Wings (NaNo 2008)

And if you wanted to read last year's story, which Unseen Wings was the sequel to, it is also tagged:

Chaotic Butterfly (NaNo 2007)

As always, if you want to be added to the filter so you can read either story (they're on the same filter), comment and I'll add you. You may also want to join or watch ichiband_weekly, where various people have posted fic and art and other things in the Chaotic Butterfly universe.

I encourage anybody who is thinking about writing fic or drawing art or making icons, whatever, to do so! All comers are welcome. I also encourage you to leave comments on chapters or even just at the end, no matter how much later in the year you stumble over this post and get added, or if you reread or whatever. The thing about NaNo is that it's lonely, because you're the only person in your own fandom, and so for me, getting comments and fic from you guys during the process or even long afterwards helps ease the struggle. There were definitely days this year as well as last where I would have likely quit if I had thought nobody cared.

So thank you to all of you who did comment or write or make icon or name characters or even just listened to me whine, because without all your help and love, there certainly wouldn't be 108k of fictional boyband for us to read, and that makes me (and Flynn-kun) very pleased indeed.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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