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What Makes Me Happy Today

1. JE Christmas Tree up! I added a BAD ornament, and as soon as Jemz mails me my stuff, I'll have to add TOP3 and Shintarou/Anderson/Taiga, etc.

2. After dicking around forever, I finally got an account with Dreamhost and while I was causing trouble registered a new domain name. The hold-up was that I had to send an email* to my old guy asking him not to renew me for the year, but i felt kind of :| about it since it's somebody I went to college with, but really, I want to do Wordpress, and it was cheaper this way, the near future, will cease to exist.

but guess who owns now? XD

*probably I should have waited until I got a reply to this email, given the lack of reply to my last email, but i'd been putting it off so long, i just wanted it all over all at once. oh well, if I end up paying for two websites for a little while, c'est la vie.
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