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Well That Was a Hell of a Thing

I'm back home safe from DC, and exhausted, despite the fact that really not much happened this weekend? Tomorrow's going to be an interesting day in Latin class.

JLPTは, I was glad I shot for the 4. The writing/reading part was totally fine, the grammar part was a touch challenging but still inherently all reading, so I took some educated guesses and I think it'll turn out okay. The listening section was a trainwreck, ahahahaha. They should ask you more than one question! I would always know a bunch of random stuff and then miss the crucial item. And when we got to the second part of it where there weren't even pictures, and they read you all the answers too...let's just say it was not pretty.

I chatted with the people around me in between sections, and the guy next to me was particularly funny. After the listening he was like "dou desu ka?" and i answered "DAME YO", and then after the grammar i asked him "dou desu ka?" and he was like "...chotto..."

also there were tiny children in my test, which didn't make me feel particularly smart. the one kid beside me was seriously adorable, with glasses, and his dad kept coming in and out before the test started, checking on him, until he was like "SERIOUSLY STOP, DAD." There was another kid over a few rows that was like a tiny Casey Anderson. KAWAII YO. Also there was a cute guy who was wearing a shirt with big pink flowers on it, who made me a puff star out of the strip that's left over after you tear out all your answer sheets. aw, JLPT crush ♥

Hope everybody else who took it did well! Or at least better than me on the listening.

Started Re:Chain of Memories tonight and played through the first floor. Already in love with Axel again. also, PINK FLOWER PETALS. There was flail. Some of it was mine and some of it was Sora's, but FLAIL.
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