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6 Caps of Shokura Junior Puberty (why does that sound like a new single)

I haven't had time really to do any of the shokura recap/cap posts for a while, which is a shame because I really like doing them, but this month's first shokura needs to have a few things said about it, plus half a dozen caps, because HOT DAMN.

Firstly, HOLY CRAP WHEN DID TAIGA GET TALL? I was so floored by this that I had to watch it about three times before anything sunk in. I could not believe that was tiny, odd-faced little Taiga, now all legs and sweet faced. He's going to be a goddamned knockout. Uekusa (? Yes?) isn't doing so bad himself. Poor Shintarou doesn't get any airtime! I hope he kicks Taiga in the shins for being twice as tall as him with no warning.

This is a tiny Tanaka Jyuuri rapping, right? I cannot get over how adorable it is, that they are making this poor kid do nothing but rap just cause his brother does. I mean, for all I know he loves every second of it, but LOL. I keep thinking of that KAT-TUN con where he showed up and Koki was all "Seriously, if you turn out like me Mom is going to kill me."

Fujigaya and Kitayama's solos reminded me powerfully why I fell in love with Kisumai in the first place. Those two are so powerful, and so charismatic when they dance, and their voices are so beautiful, Kitayama especially. I want them to debut, these two, however it has to happen, because I can't wait to see what they can do with their own solos, with their own songs, with their PVs, all of it. PS - somebody REALLY needs to write me taipi/goseki/senga, because SWEET CHRIST HI THERE.

Speaking of people where I have no idea what the hell happened, NOZAWA'S LEGS ARE TEN MILES LONG JESUS. Also, whoever decided to have these two do TORN, please present yourself so that I might bear your hafu children, because GODDAMN YESSSSSSS and hand over a full version right now. Also, Sanada's more than passibly attractive as well, lol, and I love that his hair is always sort of doing what Pi's is at any given moment. Perm growing out kind of long? awww, Sanada, kawaii yo ♥

I keep just going back to that cap of Taiga and staring because I just cannot believe it's him. Man oh man, is it just me, or does this crop of juniors seem ridiculously attractive and talented? Like, when I go look at old shows, of pre-debut NEWS and KAT-TUN and Arashi and T&T, I don't feel this way! Is it just because I like these guys? Or are other people thinking everybody is way too attractive too?

Adopt one today!
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