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Mental Ixa-cise

Finally caved and called off work for tomorrow. NEED SLEEP SO BADLY. but I can't even sleep in because my dr's appointment is as early as if i was going to work anyway. FAIL.

So, while hunting around for an online version of the lyrics from the new Kiva cds, I always end up on this one person's blog, climax0128rider. Today, i noticed that one of his/her entries kind mentioned something about wanting to learn/read more English, and I had to laugh since I was myself picking through the Japanese and thinking the same thing. So, at Shabz's encouragement, i left the following dorky comment:

"初めました!よろしくお願いします〜 GOOGLEでキバの歌詞を探している時に、君のブログがいつも話題ののぼる。そんな歌詞は見つけて出来る所だけここです。だから、歌詞にありがとう! あたしの日本語はごめんなさい。アメリカ人です (*^ ^*)"

So I'm sure it's like fifteen different kinds of fail, but OH WELL.
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