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More Shokura Intro I-ching

New unit names this week! Well, sort of. They named a couple of the big junior clots, but left everybody who is popular free?

That seems interesting, not only because it says to me that they're trying to keep people free to be reorganized with whoever doesn't debut in the next year or so, but also because it's interesting to see who JE thinks is popular, or maybe who is talented but we haven't seen much of yet.

the introductions, capped in the order they appear:

no idea who's involved here, but this seems to be that backdancer unit that's been floating around.
Sanada Nozawa
Jr Boys Takada Sho, Nakajima and...Kyuchi?
Jr Boys
again, no idea. this might be the Ookawa unit.
Takada Sho, Nakajima and Kikuchi
I couldn't catch that last name. these three being loose puzzles me, aside from Sho who's been popular on Hyakuthingy with Shoon and Taipi and Okamoto. They're B.I.Shadow, from the drama with the HSJ boys.
Uekusa and Taiga Kis-My-Ft2
Uekusa and Taiga
Morimoto Shintarou HipHopJump
Morimoto Shintarou
the tiny morimoto's face in caps is always hilarious
I was unprepared for the cute of this unit name. Can't see who's involved, but that's the costume Tanaka Jyuuri was wearing last week. I hope Casey's in there.
Yamashita Shoon!
Yamashita Shoon!
i was having "OH NOEZ WHERE IS SHOON?" panic right up until the last second here, lol.

Maybe this is a silly way to occupy my time, since in the end i'm always blindsided by whatever really does happen, but, i'm sure i'm not the only one. The ender, Days, was odd too. It was ebikisu (but no hasshi) and then Shoon on one side and Nozawa/Sanada on the other side. Everybody was in white except Nozawa/Sanada.

and Senga had a ton of solo stuff during Inori! I have to dig up my older version to be sure, but i really don't think he used to sing that much of it.
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