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Tsuki no Stage ni

Visa paid off! ahahahaha score. for one single, shining moment I am solvent. SOLVENT.

The website now has fic on it from now back until May. While digging around, though, I realized that my single Avatar fic was not in fact on the Master Fic List, leaving me to be worried about god knows what else not being on there. At some point I will have to go through my journal month by month again to make absolutely sure. that sucks.

So now that the site is quasi-live, I guess I should make an announcement: is moving to starting now. I'm going to concentrate on upping stories until that's all done, and then go back to trying to fix the several style issues that are left, the worst of which is that the tagcloud looks like it threw up pairings all over my archive page, and slightly less troublesome is that in Safari my sidebar dividers like to go across the whole page.

I'm not really sure when the old site will lapse, and I'm actually thinking about re-registering the domain for the year, since I did all this so quickly at the end of the year. But we'll see. I alway hate breaking everybody's links! But for the sake of the database, it must be done. I could also just make another sub-domain and stick the old site just under there. so instead of being "" it'd be "" .

...actually that's a pretty good idea and i might do that right now.
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