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The Rat Box is Officially Down

If you are looking for The Rat Box (, it has indeed gone dark. However, I have dropped most of the old site into a subdomain on the new one, since it will likely be a while until I can get all of the stories archived. is the subdomain. If you have old links, they will still work if you change "" to "". That will work for all stories, for the index, and for a couple weird things like Mulciber's page.

Otherwise, you can just go to the old fic index, and all of that works just the same it ever did.

I actually went to the site last night to grab something quick and was startled by know, lack of site. I knew it was coming, but I still sadfaced for a few moments. And now I have to try and figure out where all the 8 million places I've listed my website are.
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