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Fic, B.A.D., Futari no Uta (Our Song)

Title: Futari no Uta (Our Song) [Junta/Akito]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Junta's wild side.
Summary: Akito's favorite song answer gets him a pretty good reward.
AN: I watched the Jan Shokura's finally, and the favorite song episode was really good, but my favorite part was indeed Akito picking a B.A.D. song as his favorite in all of JE, even though everybody was plainly supposed to pick senpai songs. I hope he really did get something good from Junta after that.

Futari no Uta (Our Song)

“All clear!” the cameraman yelled, and all the Kansai juniors on the stage gave a whoop, immediately letting out all the fidgeting and chatter that they’d been holding inside while the Kansai ni Q segment had been filmed. Other juniors trotted out from where they’d been eavesdropping in the wings, somebody was shouting directions for the rest of the morning’s practice, and the scrape of chairs being moved drowned out everything important anyhow.

In the midst of the insanity, Junta leaned over, unnoticed by anyone else, and kissed Akito on the cheek.

“What was that for?” Akito asked, cheeks turning pink and reaching up to touch his cheek with a goofy smile.

Junta shrugged a shoulder. “You picked us.”

“For my favorite song?” Akito asked, and Junta nodded. “Of course I did. What else would I pick?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Junta stood up and grabbed Akito’s hand to pull him up as well. “You picked us. Come with me.”

“Sure,” Akito said, following Junta off the stage without hesitation. He had no idea what Junta was up to, or where they were actually supposed to be next, but it didn’t matter really. So long as Junta was going, Akito would definitely be along for the ride.

Not that he was terribly shocked when Junta shoved him inside a dressing room and shut the door behind them. Akito flopped on the battered couch inside the small room and grinned even harder when he heard the click of the door locking.

“Whose dressing room are we defiling?” Akito asked as Junta took the half a dozen steps to drop into his lap.

“Veterans,” Junta answered with a sharp grin, and Akito chuckled even as heat raced through his veins at the appearance of Junta’s elusive wild side. Junta settled more firmly in Akito’s lap and wrapped arms around Akito’s neck as he leaned down for a kiss.

“We’re gonna be late,” Akito murmured in between kisses. “I’m gonna get blamed.”

“What are you, the voice of reason?” Junta rolled his hips against Akito’s, and both of them gave breathless snickers. “I’ll make it up to you, partner.”

Akito slid hands into the back pockets of Junta’s jeans, pulling him closer and wishing they had more time to do this slow. He wanted to stay right where he was and enjoy the feel of Junta warm in his arms, Junta’s mouth sweet and coaxing over his, Junta’s hands stroking and tugging in his hair. When Junta moved as if to slide down off Akito’s lap, Akito tightened his grip and held Junta right where he was.

“Hey,” Junta broke the kiss to tease. “I’m trying to make it up to you.”

“You’re doing it fine right there,” Akito said, the smile in Junta’s eyes making him warm the whole way to his toes. “Kiss me?”

“We’re gonna be really, really late if I let you have your way,” Junta wrinkled his nose, but Akito gave Junta the puppy eyes and Junta obliged him, just like he always did. And even if they were really, really late (which they were) and Akito was wrongly blamed (which he was), and they had to do a punishment game in front of all the other juniors to make up for holding practice up and for defiling the Veterans' dressing room (which they did), none of that mattered.

Because really, at heart, Junta would always pick them as his favorite, too.
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