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A Hot Memory

The more I listen to the new Crazy Accel the more conflicted I feel about it, because it does sound two million times better with Hasshi thrown in there. but


2) I don't want to like Hasshi with A.B.C.

2a) because he's so much younger

2b) because shoon would sound just as good

2c) because ABC should be treated better than to be the vehicle for johnny-san's boyfriend of the week

2d) because long, long ago I came to terms with the fact that ABC would never be vocally strong enough to even fantasize about debuting, and I was totally okay with that, and now we are shaking up mousie's business. DO NOT WANT. JOHNNY-SAN, YOU ARE HARSHING MY MELLOW.

3) poor tottsu lost all his lines, lol sweetie *pats him*

4) i miss the flipping D: D: D:

unrelated) I like every single one of Butoukan's songs, even that new one that nobody else seems to like. this also fills me with conflict, cause there aren't many 2009 debuting scenarios which will not fuck Butoukan all up. JUST DEBUT BAD, OKAY? OR QUESTION?!. OR FIVE. OR TAIGA/UEKUSA. ANY OF THOSE ARE FINE.
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