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Yay Health Insurance

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISO ♥♥♥♥♥ I hope you got cake and presents and K8 (and they didn't fall in your toilet again). THIS IS FOR YOU:

omg it took me like five tries to get a picture that even minimally didn't suck. It's K8 inside a heart, okay, just trust me plz.

I have this wart. The dermatologist has been freezing this thing once a month for about ten months now, and it gets smaller but never goes away. We've progressed to experimental treatment! So two weeks ago, she stuck something on my skin to purposely make me allergic to it, so that we can then stick it on the wart and get my body to be like "O HAY dere iz something rong here" but she warned i might not get an allergic reaction right away.

AHAHAHA, no. I was REALLY allergic to it. I have this quarter-sized patch's red and dried out and gross and itchy as hell. Today at the dermatologist's, she was like "wow, you were pretty allergic to that, huh?" NO LIE, LADY.

Let me tell you how excited I am for this to occur on my foot.
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