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Title: Wake Up Call [Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: R for the second thing bunnies are good for.
Summary: After staying out all night skating, Senga wakes up a couple times.
AN: For diamondsjack's NaNo universe, Hi-Tech, Low Intel again. Set in the midst of section 30.

Wake Up Call

When Senga woke up the first time, he had no idea where he was. It was dark, the air smelled funny, and when Senga took a deeper breath, he could taste the tang of metal on the back of his throat.

More alarming to still-half-asleep Senga, there was something weird shuffling around in the blankets beside him.

A few seconds passed, during which Senga listened to his heart pound and hoped he wasn’t having the nightmare about the giant squid again. But then he remembered that the weird thing was Nikaido, Nika, and that they were underground. That they’d been skating, which made Senga shiver happily when he thought about it, and then that Senga had fallen asleep with his skates on.

Hadn’t Kitayama said something about his skates being more dangerous? Senga looked down towards his feet, but they seemed awfully far away…

…not worth it, then, he decided, and rolled back over so that his head was propped up on Nikaido’s shoulder again. It couldn’t be that dangerous if Hiromii did it, Senga reasoned, and then promptly fell asleep again.

The second time he woke up, it was a little different.

“What the hell?” he tried to demand, only it came out as “Mmm mm MMM?” because someone else’s mouth was pressed tightly against his own.

Nikaido, he remembered belatedly again, then squawked and shoved at Nikaido’s shoulders because Nikaido was kissing him.

“What the hell?” Senga said again, with more success this time. “What are you doing?

“Kissing you,” Nikaido said. His voice was gruff, but Senga knew a bluff when he heard one.

“I was asleep!” Senga continued.

“It’s no big deal,” Nikaido grunted, starting to edge away, but there wasn’t much space to do it in really. “Look, just forget it, all…”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?!” Senga wanted to know, and Nikaido stopped and squinted at him in the dim light.

“I…did?” Nikaido finally offered.

“I missed a bunch of it!” Senga finished, giving Nikaido a sulky look. “I mean really, did you think I’d be more fun to kiss if I were unconscious?”

“ You know, I…” Nikaido cleared his throat, scowling, “You know, I can start over if you want.”

“Yeah,” Senga said, suddenly feeling a bit shy. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about Nikaido kissing him before. But now with Nikaido leaning up on one elbow and sliding a bit closer, suddenly his heart was pounding even harder than it had when he’d thought Nikaido might be a giant squid. It seemed like the longest second ever until Nikaido’s lips touched his again.

Nikaido’s lips were dry and warm against Senga’s, and Senga closed his eyes and let Nikaido do as he willed. When the kiss ended, Senga took a moment before he opened his eyes again, and when he did, he found Nikaido staring at him.

“Well?” Nikaido demanded. “Say something.”

“I feel funny,” Senga said, distracted from Nikaido’s exasperation by the weird feeling.

“What do you mean, funny?” Nikaido asked grumpily.

“Funny,” Senga repeated, shifting around a little in the blankets. When he shifted towards Nikaido, the feeling lessened, so Senga inched his body towards him a little more obviously.

“You are such a…” Nikaido started, but trailed off as he examined Senga more thoroughly. He reached out to put a hand on Senga’s chest, and Senga realized that he was still shivering. “You’re cold. That’s what you mean?” Nikaido snickered. “Aww, are you cold, you little climate-controlled baby?”

“Shut up, I’ve been cold before!” Senga retorted, even as he slid even closer to Nikaido. Nikaido was warm, and felt really good in all the places his body was touching Senga’s side.

“You totally haven’t,” Nikaido laughed some more, and Senga squawked in displeasure when Nikaido sat up suddenly and took his heat with him.

“What are you doing?” Senga demanded as Nikaido started fiddling with his skates.

“Taking my skates off,” Nikaido answered reasonably. “Take yours off too.”

“Why?” Senga wanted to know as he sat up as well, wrinkling his nose at the straps of Kitayama’s skates. “We’ve already slept in them.”

“Because I’ve got an idea to warm you up, and we definitely aren’t wearing skates for it.”

“That sounds really OW!” Senga interrupted himself, making Nikaido drop the skate he’d just yanked free onto the blankets with a thump.

“What?” Nikaido wanted to know, hands hovering in the air as if unsure whether to strip off the second skate or put the first one back on.

“My foot.” Senga winced as he tried to yank off the skate again, then gave a little cry when he actually did manage to pull it off. Taking off his sock, Senga frowned at the sharp red creases in his skin, and the rising blisters in a line where the skate had rubbed against the inside of his foot. He poked at his other foot and gave a hiss. “Make that feet.”

“They really were too small, huh.” Nikaido clicked his tongue in sympathy and finished taking off his skates. Senga nodded ruefully and put his sock back on before undoing his other skate. “Are you going to be able to get those back on?”

“Dunno,” Senga shrugged. He had the other skate off now, and was flexing his feet, wincing at the sting of circulation returning to his extremities. “Whatever, you can always carry me. Let’s hear this idea of yours.”

“Like hell I will,” Nikaido grumbled as he moved their skates down towards the bottom edge of his nest of blankets, where they weren’t likely to kick them. Then he turned to shove Senga down onto his back.

Senga started to argue, but it turned into a little moan of pleasure when Nikaido flopped down against his chest, gloriously warm against him.

“Can I kiss you again?” Nikaido wanted to know, and Senga snorted.

“It wasn’t like you asked the first time,” he pointed out, then wrapped arms around Nikaido’s neck and leaned up to kiss his frown.

Kissing Nikaido wasn’t anything like kissing online, once Nikaido got serious about it, or even really like any of the other kisses Senga had had in real life either. Nikaido was serious about it, intent on only Senga, and Senga felt warmth spread the whole way down to his fingers and toes.

But when he opened his mouth under Nikaido’s, giving a clear invitation, Nikaido pulled back. He didn’t go anywhere exactly, and Senga tightened his grip around Nikaido’s neck in case he was having crazy ideas about removing his warmth from Senga’s chest, but he leaned back far enough for the kiss to break.

“Mm?” Senga opened his eyes to look at Nikaido. Nikaido was chewing his lower lip.

“You don’t think this is weird?” he asked. “You don’t care that I’m…you know, a guy?”

Senga shrugged one shoulder. “I like you. And you feel good.” Senga liked the way his lower lip was starting to tingle too, and he ran the tip of his tongue over it. Nikaido’s eyes followed the motion. Senga tilted his head and made his eyes very big and innocent to blink at Nikaido. “Why, do you mind?”

“No!” Nikaido retorted automatically.

“Haven’t you done this before?” Senga tilted his head the other way.

“Of course I have!” Nikaido snapped, then narrowed his eyes. “And stop doing that!”

Senga let his cute face dissolve into a grin, not minding at all that Nikaido had seen through his trick. Most people fell right for it, but Nikaido was different, and Senga liked it that way.

“Good,” Senga said, “because you said you’d warm me up. So let’s go already.”

“Brat.” Nikaido tsked, but then leaned down to kiss Senga again, and this time when Senga opened his mouth, Nikaido teased his tongue along the edge of Senga’s lip, making him shiver and clutch at Nikaido tighter.

It wasn’t long before Senga started to get hard, and with the two brain cells that were not invested in how Nikaido’s hands were starting to roam, he hoped that Nikaido wasn’t going to freak out and stop. With Nikaido’s weight pressing down on Senga, there was no way he was going to miss it.

But Nikaido didn’t stop, didn’t give any sign that he’d noticed, until Senga was squirming, desperate for friction.

Senga tore his mouth away to whine, “Nika,” and rolled his hips in a way that was absolutely unmistakable. “I need to, um…”

Nikaido wouldn’t meet Senga’s eyes, but he shifted his own hips a little, and Senga’s eyes widened as he realized that he wasn’t the only one. Heat raced through Senga, along with a fierce happiness that he did the same things to Nikaido that Nikaido did to him, and he got distracted for a minute seizing Nikaido’s mouth in another kiss.

“Can I touch you?” Senga asked, not quite able to catch his breath. Nikaido hesitated for a heartbeat, but then Senga rolled his hips again, and Nikaido caved quickly. But after a moment’s thought, Senga asked, “What’ll we do, you know, about the mess?”

He was a little surprised when Nikaido rolled off him and came to a stop with his back to Senga. But then Nikaido reached back to pull Senga close, so that Senga was curled tight along his back, and grabbed Senga’s wrist to tug his arm around his waist. Senga hissed a breath against Nikaido’s neck when his palm was pressed flat over the rise of Nikaido’s erection, and Nikaido shuddered.

“I just aim for the wall,” Nikaido explained, voice gruff, although the pitch of his voice rose a half-octave when Senga got a little bolder about exploring. “Nobody comes down here, and I don’t stay in the same place twice so—YA!”

Nikaido cut off with a squeak as Senga squeezed his cock firmly, and then they both went for Nikaido’s fly at the same time, their hands fumbling against each other.

Senga gave a soft groan when Nikaido’s cock slipped into his hand, hot and good and different enough that Senga spent a few seconds exploring, but enough the same that Senga didn’t hesitate to experiment a little to see if Nikaido liked the same things as he did to himself. Pressed as tightly as he was against Nikaido, Senga could feel every shiver and hitch in Nikaido’s breath. Twisting his wrist made Nikaido’s breath stop altogether for a second, and when Senga thumbed the tip of Nikaido’s cock, Nikaido gave a soft moan which went straight to Senga’s own cock.

It wasn’t long before Nikaido muttered a warning and then shuddered himself out against Senga. Senga slowed his hand but went on stroking until Nikaido collapsed in a boneless heap against the blankets, pushing weakly at Senga’s hand.

“My turn, right?” Senga breathed in Nikaido’s ear, rocking his cock against Nikaido’s ass just for the relief of some friction. He squeaked when Nikaido rolled over suddenly and yanked Senga over him. Senga ended up on Nikaido’s other side, their positions reversed so that Senga was blinking at the wall, and Nikaido was curled along his back.

Nikaido didn’t waste any time, but went right for Senga’s zipper. Arching into Nikaido’s hand, Senga whined at how good it felt to be touched after being hard for so long.

“Faster?” he asked, and groaned Nikaido’s name when Nikaido obliged him. Senga didn’t bother trying to last, just concentrated on the feel of Nikaido’s fingers wrapped tight and hot around him until he gave a last cry and came as well.

He rolled over as soon as he could get his limbs working to snuggle closer in Nikaido’s arms. Nikaido tensed up, not quite leaning away but feeling like he was thinking about it, but Senga felt too good to worry about it, and instead leaned up to kiss Nikaido.

After a few seconds, Nikaido relaxed into the kiss. Senga wondered vaguely who Nikaido had been doing this with before, because he kind of sucked a little at most of it besides the actual sex. All the parts that Senga liked best, at any rate, like making out and snuggling, and most of all, they were definitely going to have to work on the kissing.

Senga couldn’t quite hold back a snicker, imagining Nikaido pestering Tamamori to help him code his kissing simulation.

Nikaido pulled back to eye Senga. “What?”

“Nothing,” Senga answered. “I like being with you, is all.”

“Yeah, well,” Nikaido squirmed a little under Senga’s direct gaze, “you’re warm now, right?”

“Yup~!” Senga chirped, letting his head flop against Nikaido’s shoulder and letting his eyes flutter shut. His feet were aching dully now that he wasn’t distracted, but otherwise Senga was comfortable and so just ignored them as best he could. Feeling like he could drift right back to sleep, Senga murmured a sleepy, “I’m glad you’re here for real.”

“It’s better than touching online, right?” Nikaido asked, and he made a smug noise when Senga agreed. “Probably better than whatever those other weirdoes have been doing with you. Like that Fujigaya guy.”

Senga hummed his agreement, and then a comfortable silence fell, Senga lulled into semi-consciousness by the gentle rise and fall of Nikaido's chest.

At least for a few seconds before Senga’s eyes flew open and he demanded, “Oh my god, Fujigaya! What time is it?!”

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…