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They pegged me. AGAIN!

So I took the quiz from novembersnow's journal (go read her H/D drabble too, it's really cute). And I got perfectly pegged as usual. here's what it said:

1. You are attracted to those who have split personality, like cold as ice on the outside, but hot as fire in the heart.
2. In the process of courtship, the approach that would make you feel irresistable is patience, never give up on you.
3. The impression you would like to give to your lover is loyal,faithful, never change.
4. What you hate most in your partner is that the person is
ruthless, cold-blooded, and/or ironic.
5. The kind of relationship you would like to build with your
partner is that both of you can talk about everything and anything, no secret is kept.
6. You care about the society and morality, you won't do
anything wrong after marriage.
7. You think of marriage as a precious thing. Once you get married,you'll treasure it and your partner very much.
8. At this moment, you are quite self-centered; you think of love as something you can get and trash anytime you want.

Damn internet quizzes, revealing my inner turmoil! *shakes fist at computer*

In other news, Carol is buying me lunch today for helping her stuff all the envelopes. woo! Now if only some other people in the office would generate some work so that I would have something to do this afternoon. That would be great.

I also had a weird dream where Dan threw me on his motorcycle (?) and rode off into the sunset. Sorry, Tara. Looks like Dream!Dan is back.
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