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Title: Legal [Senga/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for having the dialogue of every J-porn ever.
Summary: Senga's old enough for lots of things now. Even if Nikaido has to punch people.
AN: お誕生日おめでとう、千賀くん! 18 at last! Now they can work you all night long! by which i'm talking about Countdown, of course XD

I have to stop using this icon! oh noez!


“Hey, Nika.” Senga nudges his shoulder against Nikaido’s, his bare skin warm where it brushes Nikaido’s.

“Hm?” Nikaido asks, not even opening his eyes. They’re sprawled out across Senga’s bed, lazy and mostly naked in the last of the afternoon light coming in Senga’s window. They’ve already gone once, and eventually will probably go again, unless Senga’s mother calls from the station to say she’s home early again.

“I’m eighteen!” Senga announces in glee. Nikaido just grunts, because the announcement has lost much of its force through repetition. But Senga keeps up the nudging until Nikaido cracks an eye at last.

“Okay, you’re eighteen, we get it already!” He rolls his eyes. “It’s not like you can do all this stuff you couldn’t before, it’s no big deal.”

“I can work late now!” Senga retorts immediately. “I get to do Countdown!”

“That’s not for months,” Nikaido says, dismissive.

“I can do other stuff!” Senga puffs out his cheeks while he thinks, and Nikaido watches with indulgent condescension. “Like…”

“Star in pornography?” Nikaido supplies finally, making Senga laugh.

“As if you’d let me do that.” Senga gives Nikaido another shove. “You’d get all jealous and punch people. Again.”

“I gave Yamamoto plenty of warning,” Nikaido replies, then rolls over suddenly on top of Senga, making him squeak. “I’ll just have to co-star is all.”

Nikaido’s hands pin Senga’s wrists to the mattress, and Senga’s heart rate picks up. He swallows his grin though, and makes his eyes big and innocent, the way that Nikaido can’t quite help his reaction to even when he knows Senga’s doing it on purpose.

“What would I know about pornography anyway?” Senga asks, tilting his head just a little. “Aren’t I too young for that sort of thing?”

“Not anymore,” Nikaido growls, bending his head to kiss Senga roughly, and even though Senga is still playing their game, he can’t stop the low moan that spills out of his mouth and into Nikaido’s.

When Nikaido breaks the kiss and slides down far enough to suck on Senga’s nipple with a fake, wet sound, Senga almost starts laughing. But Nikaido looks up to catch his gaze, eyes glinting with trouble and amusement, and Senga plays along, making choked little ‘Aah!’ noises like the bottoms in some of the porn they watch.

Nikaido meanders his way down Senga’s body with a scripted sort of purpose before closing a hand around Senga’s cock. He strokes it a few times, not like Senga needs the help, before wrapping his lips around Senga’s tip and giving him a few slurping licks which are useful for just about nothing.

It looks hot as hell though, Senga thinks, and when Nikaido lifts his head to ask how it feels, Senga has no trouble at all answering, “Feels good.”

Senga’s still fairly stretched from the last time, so it’s no big deal when Nikaido hitches Senga’s hips up to push his way inside with no more than a cursory probe of several fingers. But Senga plays it up for all it’s worth, making a lot of noise and giving Nikaido a watery pout along with his little whines of, “It hurts!”

After a second of narrowed eyes to ascertain that Senga is indeed just being a big ham, Nikaido summarily ignores him and plants his knees to start thrusting.

It takes Senga off-guard when Nikaido starts up with the talk, demanding to know how his cock feels inside Senga, how much he wants it.

“S-so big,” Senga answers, stuttering from the force of Nikaido’s thrusts rather than shyness, but there’s no way Nikaido can tell the difference. “More, Nika, I want it deeper!”

Nikaido flips them over, and Senga hides a grin against the inside of his elbow when he’s tugged roughly to his knees, because he’d bet his lunch allowance for the week that Nikaido just needed a break before he came too early and spoiled the game. Nikaido grabs Senga’s hips and slides back into place without any ado, and Senga loses all breath to do anything like laugh, although he does yelp satisfyingly when Nikaido gives his ass a ringing slap.

Senga’s getting close, especially when Nikaido reaches around to start tugging on Senga’s cock where it’s hanging heavy between his thighs. He’s wondering if he’ll have to break character to warn Nikaido, but before he can, Nikaido is pulling out again and shoving Senga onto his back.

Hitching his hips back up before Nikaido even touches him, Senga’s rhythmic whines aren’t really acting anymore.

“You want to come, right?” Nikaido asks silkily, making shivers roll through Senga at the pitch of his voice. Senga nods jerkily. “Say it, then. Beg me.”

“Please,” Senga gasps, digging his fingers into the sheets. “P-please, let me come!”

“Touch yourself,” Nikaido orders, and Senga practically sobs with relief as he does, gets a hand around himself and squeezes tight.

It only takes him half a dozen strokes with Nikaido’s eyes hot on him before Senga gives in, giving a shaky “I’m coming,” before shooting over his own hand and stomach in long, white streaks.

Nikaido gives him a handful of seconds to recover before going back at it himself. It’s only a minute later when he pulls out and snaps the condom aside, grunts that he’s coming too and strokes himself to climax in the same place where most of Senga’s landed.

“Wow,” Senga says, as they both stare at each other, panting, “you came a lot, huh?”

A second later they both burst out laughing, the dialogue too much for either of them to take, and Nikaido flops down against Senga’s side, gathering him in close despite Senga’s protests that he’s all gross.

“Maybe we really should film it next time,” Nikaido teases, breath warm in Senga’s ear, making Senga shiver and grin, “Now that you’re old enough.”
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