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Frohike Is Not The Easter Beagle

Okay, this has been hands-down the worst Easter ever. All I've done for four days is watch the beagle while my parents are in Florida without me, and the beagle has to be taken out every like 6-8 hours, which means I have to go over to my parents way earlier than i want to do anything and take his furry butt outside and then either stay there or keep going back. Finally this morning I got so fed up with it I brought him over to my apartment, but now i REALLY can't go anyplace (like, to the store for a half hour) because he FREAKS OUT if I leave him here alone, because it isn't the house.

the beagle also hates cars, so that was a quality trip at 8am this morning.

I haven't got hardly anything written because of driving back and forth to the parents and now the sitting here with the beagle, and I have done exactly zero work on the website. I also have no Easter ham, but my whole apartment building smells like it because everybody else's family didn't desert them with a neurotic beagle.

Half of you people are trying to move to the other side of the internet, and the other half of you are in the process of breaking Amazon. Everybody just stop it with the crazy this weekend. It is Jesus's day and he would say no to the crazy.

and somebody bring me some freaking ham.
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