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Title: Yorokobi no Miyata [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: PG for normal Kisumai dressing room insanity.
Summary: Miyata's got a certain song stuck in his head after the KAT-TUN medley.
AN: I really have no excuse for this. I just really like "Yorokobi no Uta" and on the 2009.04.12 Shokura, it seems like Ebikisu does as well.

Yorokobi no Miyata

“I~,” Miyata starts quietly as he’s lacing up his sneakers, “love yo~u.”

Tamamori lifts the towel off his hair just enough to eye Miyata.

“I~ love yo~u,” Miyata sings a little louder, getting a snort out of somebody behind them, probably Nikaido. “Even if you disli~ke it!”

“Miyacchi we talked about this!” Tamamori hisses, cheeks already turning pink. It’s already too late, plainly everybody in the room will know what Miyata is doing, and Tamamori wishes he could punch whoever came up with this KAT-TUN medley right in the nose.

“I~ love yo~u,” Miyata hops to his feet, only to drop to one knee in front of Tamamori in the time-honored tradition of serenading morons everywhere. “I~ love yo~u!”

“Are you quite done?” Tamamori wants to know, gripping the ends of his towel tightly to keep from fanning his heating cheeks and getting tsukkomi’d even harder.

“KISS ME BABY?” Miyata asks hopefully, and Tamamori plants a foot in the middle of his chest and shoves so that Miyata falls backwards on his ass.

He’s already laughing when he hits, and Tamamori can’t help but join in the laughter from behind him, echoing in their small room, because Miyata’s too ridiculous for words sometimes. Nikaido and Kitayama in particular seem to agree, given the volume of their hilarity.

“Sorry, Tama-chan!” Miyata says, entirely unrepentant, from the floor. He’s sprawled out on his back, but he only hitches himself up on his elbows to grin at Tamamori. “I just really like that song. Ne, Fumi-chan?”

Tamamori turns just in time to see Kawai grab a half-changed Fujigaya around the waist, dipping him and practically yelling in his face, “The fact that you’re here is to~o wonderful!”

Fujigaya shoves at Kawai’s chest, and Kawai lets go of him with a shrug, and Nikaido and Kitayama double over laughing when a flailing Fujigaya crashes to the ground as well. They aren’t laughing five seconds later when Fujigaya pops back up to his feet, snatches their water bottles out of their hands and dumps them over their heads.

When Tamamori turns back to Miyata, he’s still on the floor, beaming up at Tamamori in open adoration. Tamamori drops his wet towel on Miyata’s face.

“Tama-chan,” Miyata, undeterred, pulls himself into a sitting position as Tamamori goes back to getting dressed. He balls up the towel and lobs it; across the room, Senga squawks. “Come home with me!”

“I can’t today, I told you,” Tamamori answers, a trace of regret coloring his words. They go home together more often than not these days, and Tamamori’s not exactly thrilled about the interruption in the routine. “I have to do some stuff for my mom.”

“Can I come along and help?” Miyata perks up at the mention of Tamamori’s mother. “I like your mother! And besides,” Miyata’s grin turns sly, “anyplace we e~nd up is fi~ne!”

“I should tell you no,” Tamamori gives Miyata a dark look as he slings his bag over his shoulder, “just because you won’t stop singing that stupid song!”

“It’s a never-ending song, Tama-chan,” Miyata informs him, hopping up to stand next to him. He flashes Tamamori a gang symbol. “And I’m not gonna stop!”

“Seriously, get OUT!” Yokoo finally explodes. “I’m going to have this damn song stuck in my head for a month!”

Kawai starts in on the second verse, and Yokoo turns to throw his hairbrush at him. It hits Fujigaya instead, who turns out with a murderous glint in his eyes, and Miyata and Tamamori slip out in the confusion of the beginning melee.

Outside the spring air feels good against Tamamori’s cheeks, the air carrying the faint scent of cherry blossoms, and Tamamori can’t even be bothered to argue when Miyata hooks his arm through Tamamori’s and starts humming the song again.

He’s less amused once they arrive at his house, and Miyata gets Tamamori’s mother to sing along.
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