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The Official Chaotic Butterfly Is on Sale Post

Chaotic Butterfly is up on both Amazon and CreateSpace fully! So here is my official post about it:

The book looks like this:

and there's some more pictures of the back and the interior here

If you would like to own a hard copy of Chaotic Butterfly/Unseen Wings, you can buy it either from Amazon or from CreateSpace. Either way, it'll run you $13, and the differences are as followed:

Buy it on CreateSpace - Shipping from here within the US is $4 (or at least that's what it told me). I get $3.10 in royalties for each copy sold directly through CS.

Buy it from Amazon - Shipping is normal Amazon-style from here, meaning you can add it to orders for Super Saver Shipping and whatnot. I get 50 cents in royalties for each copy sold through Amazon.

I know the international shipping is rather pricey from CreateSpace, and it probably isn't cheap from Amazon. I promised diamondsjack I'd mail her a copy as a sort of shipping test case. The idea is that people could actually send me an amazon gift certificate for the amount of the book plus some shipping (I've been paid that way by international friends before) and then me mailing you the book wouldn't cost me anything besides a trip to the post office.

So if you are international and want a copy, drop me a comment or an email (mousapelli at gmail dot com) and say you're interested, and after DJ and I give it a test-run, I'll decide whether it's something that's feasible to do and report back.

I'm certainly not going to guilt anybody into using one service over the other, since honestly I'm still in the "...people want to own this? Hontou ni?" stage, but I thought I should give you the chance to make an informed decision about paying for shipping vs what I get out of it. If you feel like shooting me the extra $2.60, I'll certainly be happy :)

But either way, both stories remain on my journal and you can certainly read them for free anytime you want. If you aren't already on the filter to read it and you want to me, just drop me a comment and I'll add you.

I actually had one person already buy one, which to me is glorious, glorious crazyness. Thank you, in advance, anybody who does decide to own CB. I love you guys ♥

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