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Call Me Toby...I Work For the White House

I may have mentioned I got the rest of West Wing for my birthday, so I'm working my way through Season 4. I want it to be this good forever! I love Sorkin dialogue when it's working, and I love every single person on this cast.

Still covered in glitter. Laptop still covered in glitter. Wonder if people will notice at school tomorrow (answer: no, because they didn't notice when i cut two feet off my hair and dyed it fire engine red either).

I can't wait for my KAT-TUN album to get here! As usual, i'm not listening to any previews because i actually bought it, but I am checking my email every day for the usual cryptic "we shipped yor shit yo" email from cdjapan.

DRATINI EGG YAAAAY. There are few pokemon that I love as much as Dratini. Drowzee and Ninetales are two of them XD

I am really really REALLY sick of school. like, REALLY. I just want it to END. We are getting to the point where I know exactly how many more times I have to look any individual student in the face. Although I will admit that it's not as bad as last year where by halfway through 3rd quarter I knew exactly how many teaching periods I had left.

DJ, I mailed your book! It wasn't especially cheap, but it wasn't $30 either XD so we should probably talk about that at some point soon.
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