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If Rachel Hugged Nikaido, She Would Die

Jackoweskla: write me jin/nikaido
Mousapelli: holy hell why
Jackoweskla: because i'm watching the queen of pirates con
and at the end jin wishes nikaido a happy birthday for tomorrow
and it's like... wtf jin why did you do that
Mousapelli: lol, aww
Jackoweskla: i am just trying to give you writing options
Mousapelli: the guinea pig is chewing his bars now
i dunno whether he agrees with you or is horribly disgusted
Jackoweskla: ahahahahahhahahha
Mousapelli: "Jin stroked the guinea pig and thought to himself that this was the life. Nakamaru wanted to know exactly where jin had acquired a guinea pig, but was roundly ignored."
Jackoweskla: haaaaaaagha;dsfjld;alsjfa
Mousapelli: jin/nikaido
Jackoweskla: awesome
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