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Ten Words Or Less Meme

Dude, this was HARD. Have some 5*STAR.

Ten Words or Less Meme
Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

1. Angst:
"But I don't see Sakkun," Kurosawa grins sharply, "do you?"

2. AU:
"Yoroshiku," the new kid says. Tsukioka likes his star-shaped necklace.

3. Crack!fic:
"Shut up," Goto growls. Rin wordlessly hands over the antlers.

4. Crossover:
"That's a funny name," Adachi wrinkles his nose. "Who's Johnny?"

5. First Time:
"Don't worry!" Yatabo shoves him cheerfully. Goto rolls onstage flailing.

6. Fluff:
Tsukioka scrunches deeper into Goto's lap and sighs, "Leader~" again.

7. Humor:
"NO MORE JELLY," Rin roars. Flynn-kun's hand swings in Yamashita-kun's.

8. Hurt/Comfort:
"AWESOME." Yamashita-kun presses down the bandage. Flynn-kun's sniffles turn fake.

9. Smut:
Rin pounds the wall, and Tsukioka giggles into Sakurai's mouth.

10. UST:
"Say it again." Rin's rings glint as he shoves Goto.

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