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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Take A Guess What DBSK Are Staring At


More pictures from the staff diary here. I love how serious their faces are, and also the fact that they are totally watching episode 400 because that's exactly when it dropped, and Min is so in charge of downloading so they can all huddle around his laptop, and also that they sort of watch in batches so that everybody's watched it by the end and some of them have watched it a bunch of times, and as Tabris says that their faces are so "SRS BIZNESS" about the whole thing.

and I know that's ep 400 and exactly when it dropped because i did exactly the same thing. DBSK AND I ARE WATCHING THE SAME SHIT AT THE SAME TIME. In the alternate universe where they play Fanime and I wouldn't die from meeting them, we'll have something to talk about!

My bet is that we'll talk about how Trafalgar Law is HOT LIKE THE BURNING SUN. And also how amazing it is that Yamapi went to see their concert. (peroxidepest17: "lol he's an advanced scout checking out the competition. he's just going to come back and be like "We're screwed."")

Deep in their hearts, DBSK really does want to be pirates, sailing the seas together. The Hot Pot Pirates! All the ingredients are in perfect harmony~♪!

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