Kitayama might be taking a picture of this (mousapelli) wrote,
Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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光 信じてる

I love Yabu and Hikaru with the burning of the sun and I want duo releases from them so hard. SO HARD.

So it sounded like GO!!! is a new song? Or the first time they've done it on the show maybe? I hadn't heard it before. you can get the livestage and the mp3 here, but GAH, those two just sound so good together/these days, not to mention, HI SO PRETTY. adkjdflajfalgkagl.

Best friends break me in half. I feel bad for wishing that rest of BEST never show up on this show, but I WANT YABU HIKARU DUETS FOREVER.

Just one eensy album, onegaiiiiii? It's not like you're using any studio time for the rest of this unit, Johnny-san.

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