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Title: 3 Days, 2 Nights [Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for improper use of an onsen.
Summary: Nikaido says that anywhere with Senga is fine, and Senga takes him up on that.
AN: A little while ago, snowqueenofhoth mentioned that in the June issue of Popolo, Nikaido mentioned the following:

"As long as it's with Senga, anywhere is fine ♥
I do, I do! I really want to go far away with you! If I'm with Senga, I can go anywhere, can't I? Going abroad is a little scary, though (laughs), but anywhere in the country is fine! About a 2-night, 3-day trip together would probably be good. Because we're always together at work, I think something like that would be just right."

original post here

3 Days, 2 Nights

The mail from Senga just says Pack for three days and 2 nights!. After the initial idiotic grinning wears off, Nikaido wishes that Senga would be a little more detailed so that Nikaido would know whether that meant bring two changes of underwear or just an extra tube of lube.

In the end, he packs both.

Senga is already waiting at their usual spot, next to the only vending machine in the station which sells melon cream Fanta, when Nikaido gets there. He grins and flails at Nikaido. Nikaido rolls his eyes because Senga is going to get them recognized again, mask or no mask, but gives him a little wave of his fingers anyway as he approaches.

“So where are we going?” Nikaido asks.

“Secret!” Senga chants, bouncing on his toes a little and obviously supremely pleased with himself. “Besides, anywhere with me is fine, ri~ight?”

“Che,” Nikaido answers, glaring at his sneakers and hoping his own mask hides most of his blush. Senga snickers, and Nikaido punches him in the shoulder.

They’re going to Nagano, Nikaido learns from the sign above the train platform Senga leads him towards. Senga makes it fifteen minutes into the train ride before he can’t take it anymore and admits that he’s made reservations at an onsen.

“Taipi’s been there, he says it’s very relaxing,” Senga explains. “And also he said the rooms are kind of split up so we can make all the noise we want.”

Nikaido spends the whole rest of the trip struggling not to imagine Senga, naked and flushed from the hot water, making all the noise that he wants. He’s not terribly successful at it.

By the time they get to the onsen and get their room, Senga barely has the door shut before Nikaido grabs him by the shoulders and yanks him into a fierce kiss. Senga hums happily for a few seconds, before pushing Nikaido back a couple inches to pout at him.

“We should at least check out the place, don’t you think?” Senga asks.

“Fuck that,” Nikaido answers, and Senga laughs as Nikaido yanks him down onto the tatami.

He thinks seriously about going for it just like that, since Senga doesn’t seem to have any complaints even though he’s on the bottom, but after a few minutes, the tatami digging into his knees becomes less of a good idea. They find the futons without too much trouble, given the size of their room, and Nikaido yanks one out from the cupboard where they are folded, or tries to. It takes a couple yanks, because the cupboard is small, and Senga doesn’t do anything more helpful than curl up in a ball and laugh.

Finally Nikaido frees the futon and spreads it out haphazardly, then flops onto his back on it. Senga tilts his head in confusion, but the confusion clears away once Nikaido points to his lap imperiously. Laughing, Senga pushes himself up to crawl to Nikaido and throws his knee over Nikaido’s hips. Nikaido makes a grab for Senga’s shoulders to pull him down, but Senga dodges him and sits up straighter, his weight grinding him down against Nikaido and making his breath hitch.

“Oi,” Nikaido grumbles, reaching for Senga again, but Senga catches his wrists and just grins at him, infuriating both because he’s such a tease and Nikaido can’t keep from thinking how hot it is when Senga teases.

“Whose trip is this?” Senga asks, voice sweet but eyes saying that Nikaido would do better to play along.

“Yours,” Nikaido answers grudgingly after a second, letting his hands relax where Senga’s hands are still wrapped around his wrists. Senga hums his approval and moves Nikaido’s hands to his waist before letting go of his wrists.

“Then just lie back and enjoy, ple~ase!” Senga’s grin is less Masuda and more Tegoshi all the sudden, and Nikaido’s stomach twists with heat.

With good reason, because Senga goes right for the hem of Nikaido’s T-shirt where it’s already ridden up, and pushes it up as far as he can out of his way. He skims his fingers down Nikaido’s chest and back up his sides, purposefully avoiding all of Nikaido’s sensitive spots until Nikaido’s hands are tight on Senga’s hips from the tickle of it. When Senga finally does thumb Nikaido’s nipples, Nikaido arches up against Senga’s weight with a noise that makes him blush and Senga giggle.

“Kento…” Nikaido warns, more than ready to just flip them over right now.

“All right, all right,” Senga laughs, and gives in easily. He slides down off Nikaido’s lap, nudging Nikaido’s thighs apart so he can settle in between them, then goes for Nikaido’s belt and zipper with sure fingers. He looks so at home doing it, eyes dark with anticipation, that Nikaido doesn’t have any breath left to catch when Senga pushes everything out of the way just far enough to wrap a hand around Nikaido’s cock.

“Please,” Nikaido hisses, trying to push up against Senga’s weight, but Senga only grins harder and holds him down.

“Please what?” Senga tilts his head like he has no idea what Nikaido’s begging for, while he thumbs the underside of Nikaido’s cock, making Nikaido curse and scrabble at the futon. “Tell me what you want, Nika.”

Nikaido swallows any number of sharp responses and instead manages, “Your mouth.”

Nikaido’s pride is immediately forgotten as Senga grins and obliges him, mouth hot and wet as it slides over Nikaido’s tip and down until it meets Senga’s fist. Nikaido’s limbs turn to rubber and he collapses flat against the futon, but he does manage to get one hand up to stroke through Senga’s hair, to push Senga’s bangs out of his eyes and hold on tight as Senga works him over expertly.

He groans when Senga lifts his head and asks, “This what you wanted?”

“Uh-huh,” Nikaido murmured, pushing at Senga’s head. Senga teases for a second, rubbing his cheek against the side of Nikaido’s cock, before taking Nikaido back into his mouth. He watches Nikaido as he does it, and Nikaido watches Senga back until he can’t take it, the obvious pleasure in Senga’s gaze making heat rush through Nikaido’s veins, making him light-headed along with Senga’s sure touch.

Nikaido’s head thumps back against the floor and he groans a barely-intelligible warning, not that Senga heeds it. Senga doesn’t slow his pace as Nikaido shudders and comes against him, not even seeming to mind Nikaido’s fingers clenching tight in his hair.

When Nikaido blinks the haze from his vision, Senga is already on his feet and stripping off his clothes. But instead of flopping back down once he’s naked, as Nikaido was anticipating, Senga reaches instead for one of the neatly-folded yukata laid out for them.

Nikaido frowns. “Eh?”

“Come on, get up!” Senga insists, looming over Nikaido. “I want to explore!”

Nikaido frowns harder. “Don’t you want…” He skims fingers up the back of Senga’s calf, making Senga hum a little.

“Later,” Senga promises, grin sharp at the edges, and then he reaches down to yank a still-unsteady Nikaido to his feet.


The grounds of the onsen are beautiful and peaceful, as Fujigaya and consequently Senga promised, and Nikaido has to admit that he feels fairly serene as the heat from the water sinks into his limbs.

“This is completely the best idea you’ve ever had,” Nikaido murmurs as he sinks a little lower into the water, eyes closed and head back against the hot rock behind him.

“Mmhmm,” Senga answers smugly.

Nikaido cracks an eye to peer at Senga, because letting him get a swelled head is never a good idea, and finds Senga sunk in the water deep enough that his nose is barely above it to breathe. It doesn’t stop his smirk from being visible.

The best course of action, clearly, is for Nikaido to lean down and to kiss Senga’s smirk away, before the little moron starts to think he’s clever or something ridiculous. It doesn’t seem that Senga objects to this plan, lifting his mouth out of the water just enough to fit it against Nikaido’s, and humming low in his throat when Nikaido starts to work a hand in between Senga’s back and the rough rock wall he’s leaning against.

“It’s not a co-ed bath, you know,” a voice behind them says, making both Senga and Nikaido jump, but Nikaido at least has the presence of mind to shove Senga back down into the water until he can just breathe through his nose before he turns to find an old man sliding into the water across from them.

“S-sorry,” Nikaido bows his head a little, the old man just waves him off.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” he says. “Thought you had the place to yourselves, right? It’s usually that way on the weekdays. That’s a cute girlfriend you’ve got there.”

“Yes,” Nikaido agrees, pinching Senga’s thigh under the water when Senga starts to move around. “She’s a bit shy.”

Senga pinches Nikaido back, making him swallow a yelp.

“Didn’t mean to embarrass you, sweetheart.” The old man winks, and Nikaido struggles to maintain a straight face while he pinches Senga harder in warning. “Don’t worry about it; my late wife and I used to come up here all the time and sneak into the same spring too.”

“Is that so,” Nikaido says, feigning politeness while he tries to figure out how he can get both of them out of there without Senga asserting his masculinity.

“Yes sir,” the old man relaxes into the water farther, sighing happily, “we used to ask for one of the really isolated room down that way,” he waves a hand at the path that leads right back to Senga and Nikaido’s room, “and I’d be willing to wager at least one of our children was conceived right there. Quite a woman, was my wife. Hot springs do something to a woman, you know?”

“Aa.” Nikaido pats Senga on the shoulder as if he’s in complete agreement. Senga’s eyes narrow dangerously, and Nikaido hurries to add. “We were just on our way out, actually, so if you wouldn’t mind, um, closing your eyes a moment? We’ll let you enjoy yourself, and sorry again about the trouble.”

“It’s nooo trouble,” the man says, giving Senga a last wink before making a big show of closing his eyes.

Nikaido urges Senga up out of the water as quick as he can, slapping a hand over Senga’s mouth as soon as it clears the water, open and obviously ready to give Nikaido a piece of his mind.

“Just hurry up,” Nikaido hisses, shoving him towards where their towels and yukata are and hoping that they won’t run into anybody else.


When they tumble back into their room, their futons having been laid out nicely for them in the meantime, Senga collapses down onto his with his annoyed pout still firmly in place, but Nikaido can read the amusement sparking in his eyes just fine.

“Oh, quit glaring at me. You love being my cute girlfriend,” Nikaido orders, kicking at Senga’s foot on the way to the tiny bathroom that’s attached to their room.

Sure enough, by the time Nikaido is back out, Senga is on the phone telling somebody all about it, laying on his stomach and kicking his feet in the air and snickering himself silly.

“You can come next time, Taipi,” Senga says, shooting an amused grin at Nikaido when he catches Nikaido’s scowl out of the corner of his eye. “That guy’ll think Nika’s the luckiest guy in Japan!”

“Get off the phone, you’re on vacation with me,” Nikaido orders gruffly, dropping down into his own futon and hoping that Senga can’t read the spark of interest his words had inspired, because Nikaido will never hear the end of that from Fujigaya.

“Gotta go,” Senga rolls his eyes. “He says I’m not being a cute enough girlfriend. Tell Hiro and Wataru goodnight for me.” Senga listens for a second, then grins. “Okay, just tell Wataru then. Bye-bye!”

Senga flips his phone shut and sits up to set it aside on top of his bag, then shuffles over to Nikaido. Nikaido helps Senga get a knee over his waist and settle in a straddle over Nikaido’s hips, Senga’s yukata badly-tied and already slipping off his shoulders.

“You’re always cute enough,” Nikaido says, not quite meeting Senga’s eyes, and his cheeks heat when Senga makes a pleased noise.

“Sweet~,” Senga says. “That’s not like you, Nika. I guess the hot water really does do something to you, like that guy said.”

“Let’s please not talk about that.” Nikaido squeezes his eyes shut and tries not to think about whether their new friend and his wife had really conceived any number of children in this particular room.

They open again though when warm lips are suddenly on his, and Nikaido finds Senga leaning over him, hands braced on the futon on either side of Nikaido’s head to keep his balance.

“Talk about something else then,” Senga asks as he pushes himself back up, his yukata now hanging around his elbows.

“Yeah, okay,” Nikaido agrees readily, reaching up to get rid of Senga’s useless clothing immediately.

Senga is pliant and willing under his hands, his skin still hot from the bath, and Nikaido doesn’t hesitate to tell Senga how good he feels, how good he looks up on his knees and pushing himself down onto Nikaido’s fingers as Nikaido works him open.

“Nika, please,” Senga gasps eventually, reaching for his cock and having his hands slapped away by Nikaido’s free hand. “I want you already.”

“How?” Nikaido asks, flicking his eyes from where his fingers are disappearing inside Senga up to his flushed face instead.

“I want you inside me,” Senga gasps, then gives a thin wail when Nikaido curls his fingers. “I want to ride you, please, Nika.”

“Say my name,” Nikaido orders.

“Takashi,” Senga answers right away, already reaching behind himself to tug Nikaido’s fingers free, then whimpering when they slide out. “Please, Takashi, fuck me.”

Nikaido growls and grabs Senga’s hips to help him lift up, Senga reaching underneath himself to slick Nikaido’s length. Swallowing an embarrassing moan of his own, Nikaido struggles to stay still while Senga finishes and doesn’t let go until Senga is ready and holding his cock steady.

His grip slips, and Senga slides down onto his cock a little faster than he ought to, but Senga bites down on his lower lip to keep from complaining. He arches his back and squeezes his eyes shut, and Nikaido strokes his sides soothingly, ignoring the little pants for air Senga is giving, making Nikaido want nothing more than to shove up into Senga’s tight heat hard and fast.

After a minute, Senga opens his eyes and looks back down, ready to move. Nikaido lets Senga start up a rhythm he likes, not minding at all that Senga is doing all the work. It leaves his hands free to roam Senga’s skin, to stroke the ticklish spots along the bottom of Senga’s ribs and to tease at Senga’s nipples.

“Oi!” Senga jerks, making both of them gasp. “You aren’t helping at all!”

“We can do it my way any time you want,” Nikaido informs him, bravado ruined by how breathless his voice is. Heat flashes over Senga’s face anyway.

“Not yet,” Senga decides, apparently not willing to give up his leisurely pace. “But I’ll tell you when.”

Senga’s pace is delicious torture, the way he rocks down onto Nikaido in long strokes forcing low, soft noises out of Nikaido’s mouth. The noises only seem to urge Senga on further, and even though he hasn’t touched himself, Senga’s cock is heavy enough to brush against Nikaido’s stomach as they move.

“Now?” Nikaido demands, voice starting to get hoarse.

“Not yet.” Senga shakes his head and speeds up, just enough to really drive Nikaido crazy. His body seems to grip Nikaido tighter every time Senga slides back down, and Nikaido’s hands tighten on Senga’s hips until he’s wondering how much more he can really take.

Just as he about to ask again, although it won’t be so much asking as telling Senga how it’s going to be, Senga’s eyes open, and they’re so dark and full of heat that all the air rushes out of Nikaido’s lungs.

“Now, Nika,” Senga says.

Nikaido should punish him for switching his name back, but he’s too busy tumbling Senga onto his back and crawling back on top of him, lining his cock up and shoving back inside Senga hard enough to make Senga give a thin, beautiful wail.

“Harder,” Senga demands, getting his elbows up under himself so that he can really push against Nikaido. Nikaido obeys, leaning down onto his own hands to kiss Senga fiercely. The kiss is messy and wet, both of them panting too hard to work it right, but it’s hot and perfect as Senga groans into his mouth and they accidentally bite each other’s lips.

“Close,” Nikaido warns, and Senga gives him a last kiss before flopping down onto his back. He reaches for his own cock and starts to jerk himself off in time with Nikaido’s thrusts, somehow getting even tighter around Nikaido’s cock, but even when he’s so close he’s practically sobbing for air, Senga’s still holding on.

“Go on,” Senga says, the grin all in his eyes, “you can’t…fuck, can’t beat me.”

“The hell I…” Nikaido starts, but Senga’s right this time, and Nikaido’s vision goes black for a second as Senga’s body squeezes tight around him and won’t let go.

He’s sprawled across Senga’s chest when he can make sense of his surroundings again, Senga’s heartbeat steady if quick under his ear.

“Jerk,” Nikaido growls, letting his eyes flutter shut again. “Did you…”

“Uh-huh,” Senga answers lazily, and dimly Nikaido registers that the hand flexing against his back is sticking to his skin. “But I still won.”

“Jerk,” Nikaido repeats. He starts to move, figuring he’s crushing Senga, but Senga tightens his grip and Nikaido gives it up. Fine, if the moron wants to be crushed… “Good thing you’re such a cute girlfriend.”

“Good thing hot water does things to women,” Senga retorts, and Nikaido bites down on Senga’s shoulder and thinks that he’s never going on another vacation with Senga again if this is the treatment he gets.

Or maybe, he revises as he gets rolled over onto his own back, that he’ll do it all it the time.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…