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The Pink Glo-Sticks Turned Out To Be Purple, And The Clear Turned Out To Be Blue

In case anybody was concerned because I never actually posted to say I got here safely, I did! I've been at fanime all weekend, tooling around and also working. I got my staff shirt today!

Momoi was super cute in concert, even though I'm not really into her style of music or dress or...girliness? She was cute in a way where it should have made me want to vomit but it really didn't. And she was genuinely excited about the con and super nice.

Tedious editing is tedious. I came back from the concert fast because kenaressa isn't feeling well, but I haven't got a text back from ginzarhapsody or swtjemz yet telling me what they are up to. I hope they get back to me if they're doing anything that involves food D: They have meetings. This is my sad, hungry face D: D: D:

I think I broke snowqueenofhoth's im again. hotel internet fail.

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