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Summer Is So Close I Can Taste

When Amazon had that Sci-Fi sale I bought Tin Man, the sci-fi channel's remake of the Wizard of Oz, and I forgot how much I liked it. There's so many awesome people in it!

Also the dramatic event of the day is that the lady who lives above me left her sink on while she took a nap and flooded her carpet, which means my ceiling has some interesting water stripes now. Um. And I left a message for the maintenance dudes where I failed utterly to recall my apartment number under pressure.

diamondsjack and I were both fed up with our writing assignments, so we switched them, lol. She writes all the intelligent bits and I write all the porn! It's a collaboration of the gods, I tell you.

And now that I've read CB all through again I want porn for that too, only sadly nobody will write me any. BEING THE AUTHOR SUCKS. And Tabs and DJ are STILL sending me typos. Admittedly, far fewer of them, but how can they still exist! I swear, out of 108k words, I think like 105k of them were typos.

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