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I Was Promised Tacos

Turtwig and a Totodile egg! HUZZAH!

Proof of CB ordered, copy of Platinum ordered, and also the copies of CB that I ordered on Saturday say "almost shipped" so hopefully they will indeed be first press as promised. You know, I'm sure usually the author is more organized and this isn't so much a problem.

Mousapelli so hopefully the two i ordered early saturday will still be the original version. the website says it will
Tabris: i ordered a copy friday. i hope so. jpop has forever ruined all of us, i swear. OMGFIRSTPRESS
Mousapelli it makes me laugh so hard. when DJ even said that i was like ARE YOU ON DRUGS. this isn't like the version you get the dvd with yo
Tabris you should make a dvd for us first press people
Mousapelli this is like the version where shige accidentally dropped his pants and they had to refilm next venue
lol a dvd of WHAT? making of = ten hours of me typing on my computer
Tabris LOL
Mousapelli i should have shot video of myself on the plane trying to do it and falling asleep
Tabris i'm sure yuo could find enough insane people tp act out a scene or two
lol i'd totally make an adorable tsukioka ^_~ no need for a perm, even
Mousapelli *dying*
Tabris: i like how like your last 5 entries are about cb
Mousapelli ahahaha i'm the tool who won't stop being like BUY MY BOOK. "this version sucks but you want it RIGHT?"
Tabris obv
Mousapelli what kills me is that aside from the editing, there are minute cosmetic changes
Tabris the majority of your fliswt are the type of people whio would pay extra to buy unphotoshopped pictures of the boys. think about this
Mousapelli it's like trying to figure out whether you have my little ponies from year 1 or year 2

My family is supposed to be calling me about food. SO HUNGRY.
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