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Chaotic Butterfly: Download the PDF or Get a Hard Copy

Okay, ages ago I swore I would post the PDF for people, and so here at last is the end-all, final copy Chaotic Butterfly post.

Always wanted to own your own copy of Chaotic Butterfly? Well, now you can! You, in fact, have two options.

In case I wasn't clear earlier, this book actually contains both
Chaotic Butterfly and Unseen Wings in the same volume.

Option 1) Download the PDF!
Cost: free!
What the author gets out of it: only your love ♥
Link: Download the PDF

Option 2) Buy a hard copy
Cost: $13 + Shipping (but is eligible for super saver shipping on Amazon)
What the author gets out of it: $3.20 if you buy on CreateSpace, $0.50 if from Amazon
Links: Buy on CreateSpace or Buy on Amazon

Everything is 2nd edition now, which means tons of typo fixes, and also a couple spacing issues were resolved. You can tell you have a 2nd Edition by the "Starshine Press" logo on the bottom of the spine.

Special thanks to Beth, Trinity, Tabris, Nellie, Rachel, and DJ, all of whom helped me proof. Even if Rachel just now realized 5*STAR is made from their initials ♥
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