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Operation Site Anniversary: Hour Seven

This one has to go up a bit early with a fudged time, since I have to be at class at 2:30. I should return in time for the 4 PM posting, but if I am a little late, you will have to bear with me, because I probably should not get kicked out of the creative writing class because I was...writing.

Even if my last assignment did mention Orlando Bloom several times.

This one's a bit short, but that's okay, and it's for Dave Powers from RL, who requested "dark, bloody, ripping flesh".



"Oh, Harry," Hermione wrinkled her nose in disgust, "I don't know how you can stand it."

"I like it," Harry shrugged. He tossed Buckbeak another chunk of meat and watched the Hippogriff pounce on it before tearing off a large, bloody piece with his beak.


"Can't you feed him rats, or anything he can swallow whole?" Hermione pressed, looking a bit pale. "He didn't mind them before, Sir… he ate rats for ages."

"Nope," Harry answered. He tossed the last slab of meat to the ground with a wet slap, and wiped his hand on his jeans, leaving a red smear.


Hermione trailed after Harry when he left the room, and they passed Ron on the stairs. Ron glanced at Harry's serene face and then down at the red streaks on his jeans, then turned a worried face to Hermione.

Hermione glared back at him.

"You're feeding Buckbeak with him next time," she snarled.
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