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2nd Edition Fail, and Also Chores

Chores Which I Have Accomplished:

* Rats/Guinea Pigs cleaned and also had baths (haha rats hate that like you would not believe)
* dishes done
* Floor vacuumed/swiffered
* went to gym with brother
* Trash taken out
* Called and changed hair appt to a day when I will actually be in PA

I feel good!

In other, more frustrating news, I was looking at the newer version of Chaotic Butterfly and realized that the Japanese on the two song lyrics are sort, fake. It's hard to explain. The kana is mostly okay, but it's like it picked a couple of the kanji and just used them every time there was any other kanji. and sometimes lines repeat weirdly. I had glanced at it a bunch of times and not noticed anything wrong because the kanji is all printed right, it's just not the right ones in a bunch of places.

WTF. it's fine in my original, and in my PDF, and my fonts are embedded, and it looks fine in Preview and in Adobe Reader and on all of jackweskla's computers. Did anybody who dled the PDF notice that there was a problem, or could you go take a look at it and tell me whether it looks right or wrong?

So I guess I have to email these people and be like "wtf is this" because it's not like resubmitting would fix it.

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